Panama seeks to improve trade logistics area

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The Minister for the Presidency, Alvaro Alemán, presented the plan of "National Logistics Strategy of Panama 2030" which will seek to integrate all participants in the logistics area and national and international trade.

"For the first time in modern history the Panama route is being promoted as a route of preference for shipping companies. This includes joint offer with attractive route and berth in ports. In addition to the single maritime window that will go into operation on September 20 that represents significant savings of time," said the minister in statements accessed by Panama Today.

Alemán assured that the government "works to ensure that Panama is one of the first countries in logistics in the world."

Demostenes Pérez, president of the Panama business logistics council, said that there are 21 business guilds linked to the logistics industry.

"This is an action plan. We do not want it to remain on the theoretical level or to be overturned with a new administration. This is not a government plan, this is a country plan, there is no legal framework to give it continuity but we as a private sector are working to achieve this continuity," he said.

Perez said that national logistics (land connectivity and accessibility, modernization of freight transport, agricultural supply chain) must be integrated and its logistics must be strengthened with foreign trade (improve customs operations and business strengthening outside of Panama).

"We respect the independence of Powers"

The Minister for the Presidency, Alvaro Alemán, said that the National Government will guarantee the safety of people who at any given moment may be under threat.

The statements were in response to allegations made by the Attorney General of the Republic, Kenya Porcell, of alleged threats against prosecutors investigating corruption cases.

"We respect the independence of Powers, the independence of the Justice Department of the Public Ministry. In the end, all Panamanians want justice in all corruption cases that are claimed but always respecting the presumption of innocence, of due process," said the government official.

Source: Oscar Sulbarán 

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