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  • 2018/05/25 11:53:39

    Panama appoints chief negotiator for Free Trade Agreement with China

    Alberto Alemán Arias


    Panamanian President Juan Carlos Varela today appointed Alberto Alemán Arias as Panama's chief negotiator for talks about the Free Trade Agreement (FTA) with China, a country with which he established relations in June last year, according to an official source

  • 2018/05/25 11:40:45

    Events of the week

    Equipo de Fútbol Panamá


    On May 29 the Panamanian soccer team will say goodbye to their fans before leaving for Russia to fulfill their participation in the World Cup, at the Rommel Fernández Stadium

  • 2018/05/25 11:27:27

    Cartoons of the week



    The reactions concerning Ricardo Martinelli's case in the United States, including the statements released by former Ambassador John Feeley

  • 2018/05/24 20:44:13

    Martinelli case in the hands of the US Department of State


    Yelly Bernal

    Through a handwritten message, former Panamanian President Ricardo Martinelli informed that he desists from continuing with the legal process he faces before the US justice system and leaves the decision of his case for the consideration of the Department of State

2018/05/24 15:54:20
2018/05/24 14:05:50
  • Precio combustible
  • Fuel prices rise once again in Panama


    The prices of fuels in Panama continue to rise and from this Friday will increase between 2 and 3 hundredths of a dollar per liter, informed official sources

2018/05/24 13:25:54
  • Ricardo Francolini
  • Panamanian Prosecutor appeals bail of Francolini release


    The Panamanian prosecutor's office today appealed the release upon bail granted by a court in favor of Ricardo Francolini, former director of the State Security Fund bank (CSS), accused of alleged money laundering through bank accounts at the defunct stock house Financial Pacific (FP), an official source said

2018/05/24 09:27:05
  • Surcoreanos siguen por televisión informaciones referidas a Kim Jong-un y Donald Trump
  • Trump cancels US-North Korea summit


    President Donald Trump said Thursday that the summit scheduled with North Korean leader Kim Jong-un for June 12 in Singapore has been cancelled

2018/05/24 09:01:43
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2018/05/23 11:59:34
  • Inflacion
  • Inflation stood at 0.2% in April


    The inflation rate in Panama stood at 0.2% last April, which brought the year-on-year to 0.8%, according to data from the National Institute of Statistics and Census (INEC) released today

2018/05/23 11:44:39