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  • 2017/08/17 10:19:59

    Security, trade and Venezuela issues to be discussed by Varela and Pence


    Elaine Nava

    Issues concerning security in Central America and the situation in Venezuela are one of the topics that will be discussed by President Juan Varela and US Vice President Mike Pence during the meeting scheduled for Thursday

  • 2017/08/16 13:01:08

    Electricity service keeps the highest number of claims

    Nueva Zona

    Elaine Nava

    Factors such as ignorance in the use of electronic equipment and unknowing how to read the meter has an influence in users claims due to high consumption

  • 2017/08/15 15:36:34

    Taylor Swift wins lawsuit against DJ who groped her

    Taylor Swift wins lawsuit against DJ who groped her


    A jury in Denver, Colorado, on Monday decided in favor of pop star Taylor Swift, who had filed a lawsuit claiming that DJ David Mueller had groped her in 2013 and sued him for symbolic compensation of $1

  • 2017/08/15 15:24:16

    Panamanian Sports Institute Director Resigns

    Panamanian Sports Institute Director Resigns

    Andrés Castellano

    The director of the state–owned Panamanian Institute of Sports (Pandeportes), Roberto Arango, resigned his post and on Tuesday, Mario Pérez, who was the deputy director of the entity, was appointed in his place

2017/08/15 12:49:16
  • @PanamaLaVieja
  • Panama City celebrates 498 years

    Elaine Nava

    This Tuesday marks the 498th anniversary of the founding of Panama City. It was a 15 of August but of 1519 when Pedro Arias De Ávila founded Panama City

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  • @sinaproc
  • Authorities in alert after floods in Los Santos

    Elaine Nava

    More than 200 units of the Joint Task Force continue this Sunday with the evaluation and delivery of chattels and food to the families affected by the floods in Las Tablas, Guararé and Tonosí, in Los Santos province

2017/08/12 14:43:46
2017/08/12 10:05:51
  • @ArquiPanama
  • Pope Francis names new Apostolic Nuncio in Panama

    Elaine Nava

    Pope Francis has nominated the bishop Miroslaw Adamczyk as Apostolic Nuncio in Panama and to Paul Tschang In-Nam in Burma, country with which the Holy See has just established diplomatic relations

2017/08/12 09:56:02
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