• 2018/01/18 22:23:14

    Multiple hit and run kills eight-month-old baby in Copacabana

    Multiple hit

    Oscar Sulbarán

    A vehicle crossed the pedestrian area of the Copacabana tourist promenade in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil and ran over at least 15 people including an eight-month-old baby. According to the local newspaper O Globo, the child was taken to a hospital after the event but did not survive

  • 2018/01/13 16:54:52

    Trump is regarded as racist

    Donald Trump

    Oscar Sulbarán

    US President Donald Trump’s alleged remarks at a meeting with Democratic and Republican senators have prompted condemnation. "President Trump's remarks are shocking and shameful. There is no other word one can use but racist," said UN Human Rights spokesman Rupert Colville

  • 2018/01/11 23:45:12

    Inter-American Court on Human Rights urges Panama to approve same-sex marriage

    Marcha del orgullo gay

    Oscar Sulbarán

    The decision of the Inter-American Court of Human Rights (IACHR) calls on the signatory countries of the American Convention, including Panama, to adapt their regulations and practices to approve same-sex marriage

  • 2018/01/11 13:33:43

    CES begins in Vegas

    The fair will end this Friday, December 12

    Ariana Ramírez

    CES will once again feature the latest products from the technology and telecommunications sector

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2017/12/24 13:25:38
  • The measures approved on Friday by the United Nations are a response to the launch in late November of a long-range ballistic missile
  • North Korea rejects UN sanctions


    North Korea rejected the new sanctions imposed by the United Nations Security Council, and reiterated its intention to continue developing its capabilities of "deterrence and nuclear self-defense"

2017/12/24 12:56:55
2017/12/22 22:21:37
  • Juan Orlando Hernández
  • Panama recognizes the Honduran Government

    Oscar Sulbarán

    Through a statement the Foreign Ministry expressed its position on the decision of the Honduran electoral branch that granted the triumph as president to Juan Orlando Hernández, after several weeks of uncertainty in the Central American country

2017/12/22 11:53:22
2017/12/19 16:05:11
  • International cooperation is needed to carry out the execution of this dynamic more broadly and with all human rights guaranteed
  • Migrant's Day, the world on the move

    Ariana Ramírez

    This Tuesday marks the celebration of the International Migrants Day as "a phenomenon that has always existed [...] and it is stated that it will continue to exist"

2017/12/19 15:55:23
  • In the accident, thirteen wagons derailed during the inaugural trip of train 501, which was part of a program to improve and accelerate communications in the area
  • Derailed train in Washington was surpassing the speed limit

    Ariana Ramírez

    Official data have revealed that the train that derailed in DuPont and that fell on a highway in Washington, the United States, was moving at a speed of 128.7 kilometers per hour in an area where the speed limit is 48.2 kilometers per hour