Almagro: "Venezuela is facing the consequences of the government’s violence"

Almagro: "Venezuela is facing the consequences of the government’s violence"
  • Luis Almagro
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"Giving the order to shoot its own people must be the most outrageous and cowardly position in politics.” According to Luis Almagro, Venezuela nowadays is facing the consequences of a "government whose hands are stained with blood".

Yesterday, at the 14th Latin American Summit on Political Marketing and Governance held in Miami, the Secretary General of the Organization of American States claimed that the actions of the armed pro-government groups, as well as the attacks against figures of the Venezuelan church and the existence of political prisoners in the South American country are “cowardly acts manifested in the worst of ways”. "Venezuela nowadays is facing the consequences of the government’s violence"

For Almagro, this situation makes any government "absolutely unworthy to represent its people".

In his speech, delivered prior to the awarding of good government prizes, Almagro regretted the death of four young Venezuelans, Jairo Ortiz, Daniel Quéliz, Miguel Ángel Colmenares and Brian Principal, in the demonstrations convened by the opposition this week. However, Deputy Gabriela Arellano, Nicolás Maduro’s government opponent said today during a protest in Caracas that 7 people died.

He recalled that the OAS has acknowledged the violation of the constitutional order in Venezuela and that the international community has registered the existence of political prisoners; therefore, the government "is completely delegitimized,” he said.

"The countries have requested Venezuela’s redemocratization," added the former foreign minister of Uruguay.

About 30 Latin American experts and political leaders met at the Miami Dade Collage in Florida (United States) to discuss governance in Ibero-America.

At the summit, Almagro was awarded a special acknowledgement "for his efforts in defending democracy and freedom in Latin America".

A number of awards were also granted to renowned figures, such as the Venezuelan political consultant and publicist, Juan José Rendón, the mayor of Lima, Luis Castañeda Lossio, for his management of the project called "solidarity hospitals", as well as the Ecuadorian presidential candidate Dalo Bucaram, who won for emerging leader.

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