How to defend yourself against cyber attacks?

How to defend yourself against cyber attacks?
  • How to defend yourself against cyber attacks?
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PANAMA CITY.- This question has been raised again after tens of thousands of computers were targeted by a rescue program (ransomware) taking advantage of a flaw in Microsoft's Windows XP operating system loading an old version that no longer has technical support from the US giant.

According to the authorities, it was a WannaCry "ransomware" that blocks access to the user's files and demands money - via bitcoin, a virtual currency - to decrypt those files.

Experts explain that the "ransomware" program seems to work in dozens of languages, hackers intentions was to affect networks worldwide.

But what exactly can users do to protect themselves from this threat?


A common way to infect your computer is through an email that supposedly comes from someone known or trusted, for example, an official agency.

Therefore, it is best not to open attachments, or click on links received by this means, unless people are 100% sure where they come from.

Operating System

Be sure to update your computer's operating system. "Remember that updating the operating system and software is a good habit that should be done regularly," said the UK National Crime Agency website (read more).

Update Programs

Experts also recommend to keep up-to-date the programs or software installed on the computer. The updated version of the software usually has the most effective security mechanisms.

Antivirus protection

The main recommendation of the experts seems very obvious: acquire antivirus protection. On this occasion it is vital that the program is updated.


Never keep passwords on your computer in case they can be accessed by cybercriminals.

How to recover encrypted data?

The Incibe, through the CERT of Security and Industry (CERTSI), has a free service of analysis and decryption of files affected by certain types of "ransomware".

The victim can contact the service through incidencias@certsi.es.

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