Keys to understand WikiLeaks-CIA scandal

Keys to understand WikiLeaks-CIA scandal
  • Keys to understand WikiLeaks-CIA scandal
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USA.- In early March this year, WikiLeaks surprised the world by posting documents claiming that the US Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) can turn any television into a listening device, bypassing the keys and even controlling any vehicle.

 The site created by the Australian Julian Assange dealt a blow to the CIA and revealed that the institution operates similarly to the National Security Agency (NSA) - the leading electronic surveillance agency in the United States - in the area of ​​computer espionage but with less control.

 WikiLeaks said they had access to the booty through a circle of private contractors and Assange accused the agency of being unkind.

 To understand what it is about, the following are the keys of the case:

  • The CIA managed not only to tap phones (Apple iPhone, Google Android) but also computers and televisions or smart TVs Samsung, among others.
  • Aware of the risk involved in terms of image, large groups of technology reacted as soon as the information appeared.
  • The documents reveal that the CIA is able to capture messages written on platforms like WhatsApp, Telegram, Confide and even Sina Weibo - the Chinese equivalent of Twitter - and uses methods to blame other countries for their digital espionage operations.
  • WikiLeaks published a series of seven installments of leaks, called "Vault 7" and of which it has already published the chapter "Year Zero" which included 7,818 web pages with 943 attachments.
  • According to documents unveiled by WikiLeaks, the CIA had failed to circumvent the security protocols of a wide range of companies and products from Europe and the United States.
  • The documents allegedly come from the CIA's cyber intelligence center, which operates from its headquarters in Langley, Virginia, and an office of the US Consulate in Frankfurt, Germany
  • Edward Snowden said through his Twitter account that the documents "look authentic".
  • If the documents are proven, the leak could represent a huge new shame for US intelligence agencies.

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