North Korea threatens with dangerous nuclear warhead

North Korea threatens with dangerous nuclear warhead
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North Korea has gone a step further in its goal of becoming a nuclear power and securing a program that began in 1957. The statement was made by the United States Defense Intelligence Agency (DIA), after revealing that the nation of Kim Jong-un has created a nuclear warhead that can be placed on one of its ballistic missiles, according to The Washington Post.

The weapon of destruction is the materialization of Pyongyang's threat to take "physical" retaliation for new United Nations Security Council sanctions.

Last weekend, the international body approved a ban on exports worth more than $1bn a year, money that might be being used in the program. This was the punishment for the two intercontinental ballistic missile tests made by Pyongyang on July 4 and 28. The sanctions were even approved by China and Russia.

In addition, the DIA has also recently announced that the North Korean regime is likely to have 60 more-than-expected nuclear weapons in its arsenal.

The recent finding was included in a confidential analysis conducted last month by the United States and noted: "The intelligence community assesses that North Korea has produced nuclear weapons for ballistic missile shipments, including the category of intercontinental missiles."

Kim Jong-un defends his nuclear program with the excuse that this only tries to dissuade of an alleged invasion of the United States, country with which North Korea has been technically at war for more than 60 years, Efe explains.

Fire and fury

President Donald Trump has vowed to his Korean counterpart that he will face "fire and fury like the world has never seen”, if he makes any more threats to attack the US.

China, US´s ally in the negotiations at the UN, has taken a well-adjusted but incisive attitude. Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi said last weekend that he has urged North Korea to abide by UN resolutions and that pressured South Korea and the United States not to take "provocative actions."

“We urge all parties to judge and act with responsibility in order to prevent tensions from escalating,” said.

A nuclear warhead is a weapon of mass destruction that is part of intercontinental ballistic missiles, and consists of a miniature explosive inserted inside a powerful launcher.

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