Panamanian preacher arrested in Spain for swindling followers

Panamanian preacher arrested in Spain for swindling followers
  • Diario AS

The Spanish police arrested a Panamanian preacher in Madrid for swindling immigrants with a false adjustment of their legal status in exchange for money, according to the security body.

The arrested man, who was presiding over an alleged humanitarian aid NGO, was contacting the victims at a prayer center in Las Rozas, a town in the province of Madrid, in central Spain.

There he offered them the management of Spanish nationality in exchange for 200 euros (about 235 dollars at current exchange rate).

After having affixed a false visa with the NGO seal in the passport, the preacher told the victims that they were already in "legal" status and could apply for a job and a residence permit.

The investigation began when the agents learned that an immigrant justified his regular stay in Spain with a sticker with the name of the NGO on one of the sheets of the passport.

The police arrested him last week, although the investigation remains open, as there could be more victims.

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