Venezuela opposition leader blocked from traveling to UN


The Venezuela's Miranda state governor and opposition leader Henrique Capriles was detained today at the Simón Bolívar International Airport when he set out to address an United Nations session in New York to report about the human rights violation in his country.

The opposition leader of Primero Justicia party alleged, on Social Media, that his passport was annulled and he was barred from leaving the country, even though the document was valid through 2020.

"I was detained, and authorities annulled and robbed my current passport, valid through 2020, in Maiquetía," he said.

He had planned to meet with the United Nations human rights commission to talk about the deaths and detentions that have taken place during national protests than began April 1.

The opposition leader denounced that Henrribsen Herrera, who holds a position within the Venezuelan Armed Forces, issued the order against his departure.

"This is the one who never gave his name and directs outrages and crimes in Maiquetía. There is nothing hidden between heaven and earth, Henrribsen Herrera."

Capriles, who was a presidential candidate in 2013 in elections won by current President Nicolás Maduro, was politically disqualified for 15 years by the national government, which would prevent him from running for possible regional or presidential elections, according to experts.

His detention has a precedent in the same week. Yesterday, the renowned Venezuelan journalists César Miguel Rondón and his wife Floralicia Anzola were also banned from leaving the country. Previous days, Maduro had threatened the journalist and said that "he should go to prison for promoting a persecution."


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