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  • 2017/03/19 14:25:32

    Panama seeks to promote theater with new ideas

    Teatro Anita Villaláz

    Patrizia Aymerich

    Panamanian cultural creators and managers have sought to energize theater in Panama by building new spaces and holding short-lived festivals

  • 2017/03/19 09:44:47

    Chuck Berry, one of the great icons of rock and roll, dies at age 90

    US musician Chuck Berry performs during a concert held in Tenerife, Canarias Island, Spain


    Chuck Berry, one of the great icons and founders of rock and roll, from the time he released "Maybellene" in 1955, died Saturday at his home at age 90, according to the County Police Of St. Charles, in Missouri, USA

  • 2017/03/17 19:23:52

    China blocks access to social media site Pinterest

    China blocks access to social media site Pinterest


    China has blocked the photo sharing website Pinterest, which has over 150 million users, the website GreatFire, which monitors the state of internet censorship in China, reported Friday

  • 2017/03/15 19:51:14

    Trump attacks rapper Snoop Dogg for video


    President Donald Trump on Wednesday lambasted rapper Snoop Dogg for a music video in which he points a gun at an actor dressed up like Trump but in clown makeup and shoots him, saying that if he had done that to someone representing former President Barack Obama he would be in "jail."

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