Hidden: The extreme adventure of making movies in Panama

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  • Sun, 05/14/2017 - 10:13
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PANAMA CITY .- The film Hidden, co-produced and co-directed by Guillermo Barcenas and Frank Spano, portrays three Panamanian athletes who have devoted their entire lives to make come true their dreams of being the best in three extreme disciplines in the world of sports. The producers of this documentary used the allegory of the four elements of life to link together a story in which not only the performance of each of them is presented, but also their human and family side.

Surfer Gary Saavedra represents water, while the paratrooper Eloy Cruz embodies the power of the air and the Four Wheeler Jan Carlo Salerno takes the strength of the earth. The beautiful Panamanian natural landscapes and the passion for those sports would be the fire that unites these three childhood friends. It is a plot about how they were making their own way, overcoming their doubts and overcoming great difficulties.

One of the most intense fragments of the production occurs when surf legend Gary Saavedra, who has been 13 times national champion in that discipline, tells about every odyssey that he lived to establish the Guinness record of being the only person to surf for three hours, fifty-five minutes and two seconds a non-static wave, created by a wakeboarding boat, on a 41.3-mile course in Gatun Island - Pacific side of the isthmus - in March 2011. And without including the agonizing seconds of an accident that almost takes the life of the parachutist Eloy Cruz, captured almost without cuts in this film.

Hidden – which will be released in the local cinemas from May 18 – was granted the Hollywood International Independence Documentary Award 2016 and represented our country at the Chicago Latino Film Festival in the recent edition of May 2017. The film is a co-production of Voltage Panama and Garra Producciones, which was supported by TVMAX and Ibermedia.

During the press conference and after the premiere of the production, it was possible to know that the various original themes of the soundtrack accompanying the inspiring stories of Gary, Eloy and Jan Car were composed by renowned Panamanian musicians such as Emilio Regueira, Cienfue, Carlos Méndez, Llevarte A Marte, Stone Sonora, Señor Loop, Italics and Tony Ruiz. All of them have expressed great emotion for contributing to the promotion of the national cinema.

Co-producers and co-directors Guillermo Barcenas and Frank Spano have said that this experience of making national production is similar to practicing any of these extreme sports. The filming took two years and required mobilization throughout the Panamanian geography. Barcenas and Spano have highlighted that through Hidden people can know the vibrant magic of locations such as Bocas del Toro, the province of Los Santos and the island of Contadora, with images that go far beyond the typical postcards of Panama.

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