"Viene de Panamá", the musical tour around the country

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The group Afrodisíaco is ready to present their new album "Viene de Panamá", which is projected as a geographic, historical and personal journey throughout the country, with the drum as starting point.

After obtaining the Silver Gaviota award, at the Viña del Mar Festival in 2016, the group focused on making the album. However, to finish with the production of this album, the group has started a campaign, through costea.me to raise funds and finish with the process of mastering, graphic design, digital distribution and limited physical printing.


Costea.me "Viene de Panamá"


"We worked out the total and we need five thousand dollars to complete everything, so we are presenting a campaign that ends on October 30. We ask the people, who like our music, the Panamanian culture, to help us finish this production, "Afrodisíaco vocalist Tatiana Ríos told the newspaper La Estrella de Panamá.

The official release of the album will take place on October 26 at the Teatro Anita Villalaz, in San Felipe, the Old Town.

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