What are the benefits of pilates?

 What are the benefits of pilates?

Pilates is one of the practices that have become more popular in recent years, reaching a respectable position next to yoga when it is a discipline to reduce stress.

This activity strengthens the muscles, especially the back, while offering important relaxing and respiratory benefits.

Body and mind control, as well as balance, are also important principles in this practice, which brings many benefits for our

This discipline gives great advantages on a physical and emotional level. According to the specialized website (read more) this activity offers five benefits that help the stability of the person, including:

1. Prevention of osteoporosis, low back pain and correction of bad
postures that generate back and neck pain.

2. State of well-being and relaxation, which allows you to have a good sleep.

3. Muscle strengthening without excessively increasing muscle volume,
especially the muscles of the abdomen and back.

4. More flexibility, that is, improvement of the movements and the joints.

5. Posture correction and greater awareness to the body.

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