The lawsuits for same sex marriage divide Panama

The fight against these legal actions comes principally from the followers to evangelical and catholic churches
  • The fight against these legal actions comes principally from the followers to evangelical and catholic churches
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PANAMA CITY.- In a conservative country, the possibility of enabling the civil unions between persons of the same sex, is not an easy topic. To the already rough polemic untied by several lawsuits introduced to promote this figure, is now joined by the rejection of religious groups and the voice in favour of the Vice-president Saint Malo who endorses the initiative

The vice-president and Panamanian chancellor, Isabel De Saint Malo, showed her support teh same sex couples civil unions, amid of the debate generated in her country by a couple of lawsuits to enable the gay marriage.

De Saint Malo published on her Twitter's account an endorse message of another user who supports the gay unions as the churches consent in the civil matters the interdenominational marriages.

"I share the opinion. We all must have option to join our life to a dear person. The sexual orientation is not chosen, we born with it", the vice-president wrote on having spread the comment of the twitter user..

At the end of last March a Panamanian citizen interposed an unconstitutionality action against the article 26 of the Panamanian Family code, which establishes that " the marriage is the voluntarily and coordinated union between a man and a woman".

This affirmation, as the president of the New Men and Women Association of Panama (AHMNP in spanish), Ricardo Beteta argued recently, contradicts to the same Constitution, which indicates that "the marriage is the legal foundation of the family and rely in the equality of rights of the spouses".

This lawsuit joined another action from October 2016, interposed by another person and that also looks to invalidate the Family code and to legalize the homosexual marriages.

Anti gay marchThe fight against these legal actions comes principally from the followers to the catholic church - that holds a narrow relation with the Government - and evangelical majority in Panama.

The vice-president and secretary of Exteriors also has expressed the urgency before the society to advance in the implementation of a protocol of sexual health education, in regard of the alarming increase of teen pregnancies.

This topic, which became polemic, led to the streets to religious and families who thought that a project of sexual health discussed in the Parliament was going to concern in a negative way the Young education.

The debate in the Supreme Court on the lawsuits in favour of the same sex civil unions also has provoked recent summons of protest on behalf of family and religious organizations.

The scen has ignited in the last years with the summit of the some religions and, especially, with the expansion of the evangelical churches.

Independently of how this judicial battle is solved, the debate on the homosexual marriage has turned to taking the pulse to Panama, which seems to be tolerant and cosmopolitan, but that every time is more influenced by the religion and the conservatism.

Nowadays, the homosexual marriage is legal in many countries, between which five Latin Americans are: Argentina, Brazil, Colombia, Mexico and Uruguay.

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