Martinelli´s attorney says that court has "limited role" on extradition

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  • Sat, 08/12/2017 - 15:43
Agencia Andina
  • Agencia Andina

Ricardo Martinelli's legal defense emphasized that the federal court of Miami that evaluates the extradition against the Panamanian former president plays “a  limited role" in this process, according to judicial documents to that Efe had access today.

The attorney of the expresident, Marcos Daniel Jiménez, indicated in a motion before the "final hearing", foreseen for August 23, "that the Secretary of State will take the final decision to extradite the former president Martinelli".

Jiménez added that though the Department of State has the final word in the extradition, the court and the process that Edwin Torres heads the justice possess, nevertheless, the "critical role" of assuring the fulfillment of the law and of the Constitution of USA.

"The request of extradition of Panama fundamentally does not have sustenance. It is looked the extradition of the ex-president Martinelli by retroactive, not extraditable crimes", demonstrated the attorney in a document deposited to the court on Friday.

This month, Tom Heinemann, legal counselor and of intelligence of the Department of State, informed to the justice Edwin Torres that the charges related to interception " are incorporated as extraditable crimes under the agreement of extradition between United States and Panama ".

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