The murder of a football player hits Panama at the end of the Holy Week

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PANAMA CITY.- The insecurity of one of the most violent cities of Panama, charges the life of a public figure: Amilcar Henríquez, Young upstar of the football national selection. The incident has surprised Panama at the end of the Holy Week

Four young men were detained in Panama for the murder of the football player and his friend,  in the Caribbean city of Colon.

Three minors and a 19-year-old man were arrested after a police search in a zone called Nueva Resurrección, hours after the winger of the Panamanian set and other two persons were shot in the neighborhood of Nueva Colon.

In the house where the suspects were to the moment to be surprised, it was found a weapon possibly used in the assault that caused the death of the sportsman and the young  Delano Wilson.

This takes place after that the player of the national selection of football Amílcar Henríquez was murdered in the Caribbean city of Colon, where a stranger deadly shot him and hurt other two persons

A police report indicates that a man stooped a vehicle and shot several times to the football player of the Arabic United club of Colon, father of three children, who died little later in a clinic.

The Panamanian Federation of Football (Fepafut) confirmed the decease in Twitter and remarked: " We Are deeply sorry for  the death of our native Amílcar Henríquez. God receives your soul Mickey".


Henríquez, 33 years old, fundamental attacker of his tecnical director, the Colombian Hernán Darío Gómez, played in the last four days of the hexagonal tournament the Concacaf for the World Cup Russia 2018, where Panama in in the third place.




The Panamanian, native from Colon, one of the most violent cities from the country, returned in 2016 to the local football with the United Arabic team, after several years in the Colombian league, in which he played in football clubs such as the América de Cali, Atletico del Huila and Independientes from Medellin.

Just weeks ago, Henríquez, in a press release to the Fifa, praised the work of the technical body to improve the Panamanian football which to according to him, was demonstrated in the good take-off of the selection in the playoffs matches on the road to the World Cup Russia 2018, which might be the first to Panama.

The Panamanian president, Juan Carlos Varela, condemned  the murder.

The Caribbean city of Colon is one of the most dangerous of the country and there where operate several gangs, some tied to the drug trafficking, a situation that has led the government to raise a weapon forbidding measure.

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