Negative balance for the FTC Águila plan

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  • Tue, 05/16/2017 - 16:35
Negative balance for the FTC Águila plan
  • Negative balance for the FTC Águila plan
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PANAMA CITY.- After a little less of two months of being active, the Joint Task Force (FTC) Águila started on March 24  the statistics and numbers of the plan created by Juan Carlos Varela’s Government have cause reactions from public opinion and several local media.

Comparative reports revealed by President Varela’s administration until April explain that "homicide cases in the five assigned areas have decreased" (read more). However, violent acts and murders have increased, including the cases of the soccer player Amílcar Henríquez (read more), who was shot and killed when he was near his house, and another, a child under 12 who was sent urgently to the Children's Hospital, after being shot seven times.

The report describes that from March 24 to April 24 the following took place:

  • - 61,414 police actions.
  • - 125 irregular illegal immigrants, 36 for pending cases (11 for possession of firearms, seven for aggravated robbery, six for gangs, six against public health, three for homicides and three against sexual freedom) and 18 for drug trafficking.
  • - 36,000 people checked; 20 thousand cars; 2,166 foreigners and one thousand 102 motorcycles, thousand control points were established.
  • - 390 traffic violations imposed (260 people for investigation, 201 minors after hour).
  • - 116 irregular undocumented persons detected.
  • - 36 people arrested.
  • - 20 raids.
  • - 16 homicides in the following areas: 7 in Colón, 4 in San Miguelito, 2 in Tocumen, 2 in La Chorrera, 1 in Arraiján.
  • - 35 bags of cocaine seized, 140 doses of cocaine, 24 bags of marijuana, 80 doses of marijuana and 624 dollars.
  • - 16 seized firearms, including 11 pistols, three revolvers and two Ak-47 rifles.

Although the National Government presents these figures, the shootings between rival criminal gangs in several areas of the province of Colón, where the athlete was killed, have intensified. More than 30 homicides have also been reported in the provinces of Panama, Colón and West Panama.

Contrary to the Executive's data, the newspaper Panamá América (read more) reports 32 homicides in the country, 19 have been committed in the province of Panama; 8 in Colón and 5 in the West Panama area. 

In spite of the presentation of this security plan that seeks to reduce the insecurity rates, criminal acts have arisen such as murders, robberies, kidnappings, among others because, according to Panamanians, they have lost the respect for the security force.

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