Security, trade and Venezuela issues to be discussed by Varela and Pence

  • Telemetro

Issues concerning security in Central America and the situation in Venezuela are one of the topics that will be discussed by President Juan Varela and US Vice President Mike Pence during the meeting scheduled for Thursday.

This was announced on Wednesday by the Deputy Foreign Minister of the Republic, Luis Miguel Hincapié, who highlighted that Panama is the only country in Central America that Pence will visit, which in his opinion "underlines the leadership of Panama in the region and the close ties existing between the two countries".

He noted in RPC Radio, that the US Vice-President would be arriving in Panamanian soil between 1:00 a.m. to 1:30 p.m., will visit the Panama Canal and then will move to the Palace of Las Garzas where the meeting will be held with the Panamanian president.

He added that during the meeting they will also discuss about trade, the increase in drug production, immigration, and other issues that Varela approached with US President Donald Trump in the past months.

He said that regarding Venezuela, Panama would expose its opposition to a military intervention in the southern country, reiterating that "we have backed and we continue backing a dialogue. We would not agree to a military intervention in any way".

In trade matters, he said that Varela could explain Pence the interest in North American companies investment in Panamanian logistics.

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