Two Brazilians and one Venezuelan convicted due to human trafficking in Panama

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  • Thu, 03/16/2017 - 12:49
Human Trafficking

PANAMA.- The Panamanian Justice condemned two Brazilians and one Venezuelan woman to 15 years of prison due to human trafficking, after the evidence revealed that the group threatened and forced their victims to work in prostitution activities, an official source said.

The order imposed to Brazilians Anderson Correa Do Santos and Henrique Rodriguez Da Silva, and also Venezuelan Kimara Consolación Chirinos, was notified today to the Prosecutor's Office against Organized Crime, reported the Panamanian Public Ministry on a press release.

The criminal process started due to a complaint filed on July 23, 2015 by a young Venezuelan.

This woman, non-identified, explained that she and other two Venezuelan women arrived to Panama where receiving a loan of $3,800 and lodging, then they were taken to work at a place of prostitution in San Felipe, in the Old Town of the capital.

They expressed that this money was not a real loan. It was given to them to return the help they gave them, through daily payments of 300 dollars.

The three young managed to escape from their traffickers and reach a hotel in the town, where filed the complaint. They also said that were being threatened and forced to prostitute.

The Prosecutor's Office against Organized Crime verified the fact through surveillance, searching and following up, as well as compiling documental evidences and testimonials which link the convicted with human trafficking.

On allegations phase, the prosecution sought a conviction for those investigated for the crime against humanity in the way of trafficking.

The court upheld the prosecution's request and indicated that there was a "flow of evidence" that was brought in the process and led to the conclusion that an illegal activity was organized for the promotion, financing and publicity of prostitution in Panama aimed at Trafficking in persons through illicit operations, according to official information.

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