Uribe and other public figures express support for Martinelli

Uribe and other public figures express support for Martinelli
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Almost two months after the detention of the former President of Panama, Ricardo Martinelli, several political figures continue to express their support for the former president and ask for his early freeing.

On this occasion, the former president of Colombia, Álvaro Uribe Velez, published a letter addressed to Judge Edwin Torrez - who denied bail - expressing solidarity for Martinelli.


Leaders of the Panamanian opposition party have also published messages of encouragement and support for Martinelli, considering that he will soon be released.

His co-partisan, the former Minister of Security, José Raúl Morino, expressed his support for Martinelli in recent days.

Last month, Martinelli's defense introduced five South Florida District Court notes in Miami's South District Court, weighing the former president's "compassion" and "integrity." (see here)

Meanwhile, the mayor of the city of Miami, Tomás Regalado, asked to be granted a bond to Martinelli, who is in delicate health and requires waiting for the Court's decision at home, accompanied by his family. "

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