Varela urges Maduro to channel dialogue and set an election timeline

Juan Carlos Varela urges Maduro to channel dialogue and set an election timeline
  • Juan Carlos Varela urges Maduro to channel dialogue and set an election timeline
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PANAMA CITY.- Panamanian President Juan Carlos Varela urged today his Venezuelan counterpart, Nicolás Maduro, to "channel" efforts leading to a "negotiated solution" with the opposition, to reach agreements in the short-term, and set an election timeline

"Prioritizing the safeguarding of human lives, we call on all parties, government and opposition, to give up demonstrations of power, which only aggravate the economic, social and political situation of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela," said the Panamanian government in a statement (click here).

Earlier, Venezuelan security forces fired tear gas (click here) as demonstrators staged what they billed as the "mother of all marches" against President Nicolas Maduro on Wednesday, and a student caught up in a clash died after being shot in the head.

Recently, in an exclusive interview with PanamaToday.com, the political strategist, J.J. Rendon said that the current Panamanian government’s attitude towards the Venezuelan crisis shows a complicity of President Juan Carlos Varela in the coup d'état and the violation of fundamental rights in Venezuela.

According to Rendon, Varela’s government is an accomplice and accommodative government, "as a consequence of the situation, based on the existence of understanding between the parties, some people think they are friends, they relate to each other, they cover up for each other, and there are other reasons that people do not see much, for example the fact that Panama is used as a tax haven”.

Rendon also states that Panama serves as a deposit of the great fortunes of the so-called Bolibourgeoise, pro-Chavez people whose wealth profited by illicit transactions with public money have made them millionaires. "It is also a supply place for them, much closer to Miami. I remember that many of them are sanctioned by the US laws and they can not come, so they go to Panama to fill their pockets discreetly," said Rendon concerning the role of Panama in the Chavismo.

To read more http://www.panamatoday.com/special-report/exclusive-jj-rendon-varela-accomplice-maduros-government-4124


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