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2017/05/05 16:44:57
2017/04/26 13:13:06
  • Guillemo Cochez thinks that the negotiations about a peaceful solution to the Venezuelan crisis are thwarted because no agreement has been reached on who would take over a transitional government
  • New Rumors of Political asylum for Maduro in Panama

    Eliana Pantoja

    Guillemo Cochez thinks that the negotiations for a peaceful solution about the Venezuelan crisis are thwarted because there is no agreement yet regarding who would take over in a transitional government, or what country would grant Nicolás Maduro a safe exile for him and his closer circle.

2017/04/22 11:38:36
2017/04/17 13:26:10
  • J.J. Rendon said that the current Panamanian government’s attitude towards the Venezuelan crisis shows a complicity of President Juan Carlos Varela in the coup d'état and the violation of fundamental rights in Venezuela
  • EXCLUSIVE, J.J. Rendon: "Varela is an accomplice of Maduro’s government"


    During his participation at the XIV  Latin American Summit of Political Marketing and Governance held in Miami, Juan Jose Rendon, the Venezuelan political strategist, psychologist and publicist, spoke about the situation in Venezuela and addressed the position of the Panamanian government regarding the current crisis

2017/04/11 16:01:19
  • The so-called Panama Papers, the greatest leak of documents in the history of journalism so far, has been honored
  • The Pulitzer Prize honored the Panama Papers Investigation

    Álvaro Pulido

    Thanks to the scandal that detailed offshore companies registered in tax havens in Panama linked to hundreds of politicians, banks and celebrities, the Pulitzer Prize judges acknowledged the collaboration of several reporters that has helped solve cases of corruption, money laundering and misuse of the power in several countries of the world

2017/04/10 13:43:29
  • In 2016, the IDB already stated that in Panama there persist barriers that prevent "the lower-income population from integrating into the expanding productive areas"
  • Panama’s Food Security Plan proposes more progress and less hunger

    Patrizia Aymerich

    Poverty and levels of inequality are a stigma in Panama's progress. Poverty figures decreased by an annual average of 7.1% in the last fourteen years, but marked social gaps and deficiencies in the institutional system still undermine the needs of thousands of Panamanians

2017/04/10 09:49:15
2017/04/02 16:19:25
  • The ruling of the Supreme Court of Justice that virtually seized the legislative branch in Venezuela was not surprising for Panamanian lawyer and diplomat Guillermo Cochez
  • EXCLUSIVE Cochez: Panama must support diplomatic isolation of Venezuela

    Eliana Pantoja

    Former OAS ambassador Guillemo Cochez says he would not be surprised if a military assault could take place Venezuela in the next few hours. He is sure that the regional body will be tougher in the next session and announced that in the capital of the isthmus a civil movement is organized to promote more solid actions of solidarity in favor of the Venezuelan democracy

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