Special Report

  • 2018/03/14 08:52:22

    Juan Carlos Navarro: President, don't engage in political revenge

    Juan Carlos Navarro


    During the 5th Democratic Revolutionary Party (PRD) Extraordinary Congress, the political leader and former presidential candidate, Juan Carlos Navarro, assured that the political group is moving towards full cohesion, “People sometimes get confused with the PRD since this is a democratic country and a democratic party

  • 2018/03/13 08:40:49

    V Congress PRD: Pedro Miguel González: Varela wants a confrontation scenario



    During the 5th Special National Congress of the Democratic Revolutionary Party (PRD) that took place on Sunday, March 11, Secretary General of the political group Pedro Miguel González spoke of the steps the party is taking towards the 2019 General Elections.

  • 2018/03/12 16:14:39

    V PRD Congress:Zulay Rodríguez: "I'll keep telling the truth"

    Zulay Rodríguez


    Last Sunday, March 11, the V National Extraordinary Congress of the PRD party was held in Panama city, where there were changes to the statutes for the electoral reforms, after voting 2.700 delegates present during the congress. During the event, Zulay Rodríguez, one of the party congresswoman denounced against the political government

  • 2018/03/08 13:48:48

    LGBT community urges to stop "hate speech"

    LGBT stop hate speech


    The anti-gay marriage protest held in Panama City during the week, was considered as a form of incitement to hatred against minorities, according to Juan Alonzo, who is president of the Nuevos Horizontes Association, an organization that works to defend the rights of LGBT communities in Panama

2018/03/07 09:34:51
  • Protest
  • Anti-gay marriage protesters take Panama streets


    A massive demonstration of religious groups on Panama City streets lead to the outskirts of the National Assembly. The main slogan of the march was the rejection of same-sex marriage. Mostly religious sectors marched to the sound of Christian songs and banners that highlighted the importance of marriage between a man and a woman

2018/03/06 10:56:47
  • Petra Serracin
  • Schools started classes with some difficulties


    Regional Director of Education of Panama Centro Petra Serracín, responsible for at least 140 education institutions, acknowledged that there are some problems but believes that they will be solved in the course of the next weeks

2018/03/04 13:21:08
  • school starts in Panama,
  • Karina Herrera: School year starts with disappointment


    President of the National Confederation of Parents Karina Herrera listed a number of aspects considered a debt by the Ministry of Education (Meduca) and that still affect some educational institutions such as slum schools, infrastructure problems, inappropriate amount of teachers and payment default for the language unit, rendering it impossible to start classes with English teachers

2018/03/03 13:31:32
  • Musiacalion 2018
  • Musicalion says goodbye this Sunday


    The 7th edition of the Musicalion Festival will lower the curtain this Sunday, March 4, after having delighted the thousands of attendees who have gathered at the Omar Torrijos Recreational Park, in Panama City since last Tuesday, February 27

2018/03/01 13:16:31
  • Luis Eduardo Camacho
  • Camacho: The media and political agenda are not part of Panamanians reality


    The leader of Cambio Democrático and spokesman for former president Ricardo Martinelli, Luis Eduardo Camacho believes that many of the issues discussed in the everyday agenda are not what Panamanians really demands. "It is focused on the Credentials Committee, it revolves around the illogical claim of the First Lady, about the alleged coup d'etat because if there is a supposed coup d'état how it is possible that the President is going to leave the country with the Vice President. It does not make sense. It is also the issue on same-sex marriage in which politicians have engaged.

2018/02/24 20:56:20
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2018/02/20 06:43:29
  • Miguel Antonio Bernal
  • Miguel A. Bernal: We are defenseless against  the Electoral Court


    The Electoral Court opened a proceeding against the independent presidential pre-candidate, Miguel Antonio Bernal, who qualified the measure as "persecution." He said clearly that he would not  pay a fine, "not to disrespect anyone but to respect the citizens." He believes that independent candidates are the most affected

2018/02/15 08:03:59
  • Dr. Porcell
  • How to protect your skin in summer

    Marietta Puche

    In an exclusive interview with Panama Today, Dr. Laura Porcell, dermatologist and influencer in this area gave some recommendations to protect our skin in summer

2018/02/12 13:09:04
  • Carnival
  • Carnival kicks off with culecos and comparsas

    Oscar Sulbarán

    Carnival celebration in Panama City kicks off with the comparsa "Alegría". After 18 years of work, it is included in a tradition that along with the so-called "culecos" is part of one of the most expected holidays by Panamanians, during the summer season of the Isthmus