EXCLUSIVE, J.J. Rendon: "Varela is an accomplice of Maduro’s government"

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  • Mon, 04/17/2017 - 14:26
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MIAMI .- In an exclusive Interview with PanamaToday.com, the political strategist, J.J. Rendon said that the current Panamanian government’s attitude towards the Venezuelan crisis shows a complicity of President Juan Carlos Varela in the coup d'état and the violation of fundamental rights in Venezuela.

During his participation at the XIV  Latin American Summit of Political Marketing and Governance held in Miami, Juan Jose Rendon, the Venezuelan political strategist, psychologist and publicist, spoke about the situation in Venezuela and addressed the position of the Panamanian government regarding the current crisis.

According to Rendon, Varela’s government is an accomplice and accommodative government, "as a consequence of the situation, based on the existence of understanding between the parties, some people think they are friends, they relate to each other, they cover up for each other, and there are other reasons that people do not see much, for example the fact that Panama is used as a tax haven”.

Rendon also states that Panama serves as a deposit of the great fortunes of the so-called Bolibourgeoise, pro-Chavez people whose wealth profited by illicit transactions with public money have made them millionaires.

"It is also a supply place for them, much closer to Miami. I remember that many of them are sanctioned by the US laws and they can not come, so they go to Panama to fill their pockets discreetly," said Rendon concerning the role of Panama in the Chavismo.

The strategist  highlighted the complicity between the governments of Panama and Venezuela, regarding security issues such as Interpol alerts issued, which although in some cases they have been deleted from the system of this organization, Panama still keeps them.

"There are opposites to the regime, as in my case, who think twice before flying over Panama, forget about even going there, but not even flying over because we are not sure if the Panamanian government will respect the asylum status."

He also spoke about the cases of people detained at airports that have been almost repatriated to Venezuela. "That shows you a situation of how the president turns a blind eye and has no comments when students are killed, and has no comments on political prisoners, and  no comments on for example, if they are tortured and show  only pictures when the marks of the tortures have already disappeared. Well, to all of that, Varela’s government is an accomplice," said Rendon worriedly.

J.J also considers how Panama has suffered in the past similar situations to those in Venezuela. "We have not yet reached some points as Panama did during Noriega regime. He (Varela) should remember this and should show solidarity as we did at the time when the Panamanians migrated to Venezuela, exiled in Venezuela, and we welcomed them with open arms" he said .

Rendon goes further by describing Venezuelan migration as a "forced displacement". "I understand that Panamanians feel uncomfortable with their presence or competition, or even the Venezuelans invasions in Panama. There are a lot of Venezuelans who are not going to Panama, perhaps the majority, neither  because they want to  bother the life of their people, nor because they want to mess with anyone’s lives, but because they are left without a choice, and that is a humanitarian problem. People are not leaving because they want to, is because they are forced to", the political strategist concluded scathingly.

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