Spring of independent candidates: Ana Elena Porras “We are a challenge for political parties”

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A group of Panamanian citizens registered as Independent Candidates appeared before the Electoral Court (TE) to request the recognition that includes the possibility to create coalitions and alliances for independent candidates as in the case of political parties.

“A coalition is a union, not a fusion. It is a common front of independent candidates for the defense of our rights before the Electoral Court whose reforms evidently foster political parties. Political parties are financed by the State, unlike us. They can create alliances, unlike us,” Ana Elena Porras told Panama Today. Porras signed the document submitted before the Electoral Court jointly with Ernesto Cedeño, Miguel Antonio Bernal and Agustín Sosa.

The Alliance would be a second phase if the request is admitted, but no parameters have been established.

Porras believes that this coalition would help know who are the real independent candidates “some independent candidates are promoted by political parties and the Government. This first agreement is to expose those who have a double agenda to then join the political parties”.

The cultural anthropologist and presidential pre-candidate said that she is not demonizing political parties. She hopes that this “spring of independent candidates” will bring changes in the way of doing politics in Panama. “We don’t think that political parties must be dissolved because democracy would disappear. We are a challenge for political parties. If we as independent candidates win, political parties will see the total failure of their poor job and they will have to be completely reconfigured and more ideological and less programmatic parties must be founded”.

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