• 2018/06/05 14:51:40

    Panama rebukes 300-foreigners work permits due to fraud

    Permisos de trabajo


    The immigration authorities of the Central American country have canceled since May 1 temporary and permanent residence permits to a total of 720 foreigners for submitting fraudulent documentation

  • 2018/05/29 11:23:08

    Panama Chairs ILO Standards Enforcement Commission for the first time

    Panama asume presidencia OIT


    Panama assumed the Presidency of the Committee on the Application of Standards of the International Labor Organization (ILO) today, in the framework of the 107th Meeting of the International Labor Conference that takes place in Geneva, Switzerland, informed an official source

  • 2018/05/18 21:28:05

    SUNTRACS strike ends

    Finaliza huelga

    Yelly Bernal

    Thirty days after the strike staged by the workers attached to the National Union of Construction Workers and Similar Industries (Suntracs), finally, an agreement was reached between the workers' union and the Panamanian business chamber putting an end to the protest measure

  • 2018/05/16 09:06:54

    Construction sector strike: arbitration, rejection and government announcement

    Reunion Huelga

    Yelly Bernal

    The strike in the construction sector continues to be the source of much talk and advances without an apparent solution

2018/05/15 07:28:14
  • Workers
  • Workers construction strike continues


    The strike called in Panama by the main union of construction in demand of higher wage increases, and which has stopped hundreds of projects throughout the country has generated millions in losses

2018/02/18 16:58:06
  • Minera Panamá
  • Union conflict in Minera Panamá


    Last January, a union conflict began in the company Minera Panamá, which carries out copper mining in Donoso, in the province of Colón. The workers claimed alleged labor violations by the company, as well as changes in some of the conditions for accommodation provided by the company

2018/01/15 22:47:07
  • The statements of the president were held at the Roberto Durán Arena
  • High bonuses to officials is being reviewed


    Panamanian President Juan Carlos Varela spoke on the subject of bonuses to public officials. He said that it is an issue that corresponds to both the Ministry of Economy and Finance (MEF), Ministry of Labor (Mitradel) and the Comptroller

2017/12/27 01:17:06
2017/12/21 22:39:23
  • Luis Ernesto Carles
  • Minimum wage will be made known on December 26

    Oscar Sulbarán

    After Christmas the Government through the Ministry of Labor and Labor Development (Mitradel) will present the recommendations for the new minimum wage that would come into force as of January 2018

2017/12/15 20:50:02
  • The National Council of the Private Enterprise (Conep) attributed the lack of consensus to the methodology used at the negotiating table.
  • The Government must now establish new minimum wage rate

    Oscar Sulbarán

    After four months of having formed the National Minimum Wage Commission the Minister of Labor, Luis Ernesto Carles, reported that there was no agreement and it will be up to the Executive to establish the new minimum wage. The National Council of the Private Enterprise attributed the lack of consensus to the methodology used at the negotiating table

2017/10/14 15:04:03
2017/10/03 10:01:22