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  • The measures approved on Friday by the United Nations are a response to the launch in late November of a long-range ballistic missile
  • North Korea rejects UN sanctions


    North Korea rejected the new sanctions imposed by the United Nations Security Council, and reiterated its intention to continue developing its capabilities of "deterrence and nuclear self-defense"

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2017/11/04 13:41:19
  • Trump's official agenda will begin on Monday in Tokyo
  • Trump starts Asian tour focused on North Korea


    US President Donald Trump will embark on a 12-day tour of Japan, South Korea, China, Vietnam and the Philippines marked by the North Korean nuclear threat, his demand for "fair" trade and the shadow of the investigation into the Russian plot

2017/10/13 20:58:45
  • Trump has opted for tougher rhetoric in response to North Korea's nuclear weapons and ballistic missile programs
  • Trump is "open" to talks with North Korea


    US President Donald Trump said he is open to the possibility of negotiating with North Korea but is also ready for any other possible escalation of tensions with Pyongyang

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  • North Korea said on Sunday it had tested "a complete success" with a hydrogen bomb
  • Panama condemns North Korean nuclear test


    The Panamanian government has repudiated North Korea's most powerful nuclear test to date, calling it "provocative actions (...) to the detriment of international welfare and security"

2017/09/03 10:13:32
2017/08/29 09:06:11
  • Government condemns new missile launched by North Korea
  • Government condemns new missile launched by North Korea

    Andrés Castellano

    In favor of maintaining international peace and security, the Panamanian government reported in a statement Tuesday, August 29, that it rejects and condemns the latest ballistic missile launched by North Korea