Public transportation: From “Red Devil” to “Bootleg”


PANAMA CITY.- The Latin University of Panama recently hosted another intense discussion on the state of the public transportation system in the nation. The debate was led by union leaders Tomasito López and Rafael Reyes, ATTT legal consultant Ulysses Calvo, Metro Bus Chief Alfonso Penedo, and transportation specialist attorney Víctor Martínez. The conversation started with … Read more

Who Are the Most Famous Panamanian Artists?


In the heart of Central America lies Panama, a vibrant tapestry of cultures, colors, and Caribbean flair. It’s a place where every individual carries a rhythm in their step, a song in their heart, and a story on their lips. As a hub of commerce and investment, Panama has not only flourished in the business … Read more

Punta Coco: The Panamanian Alcatraz Penitentiary

punta coco

PANAMA CITY.- On an islet of the Pacific there is a maximum security prison that has become the focus of an intense controversy in the country due to the alleged violation of human rights of their prisoners. Even the IACHR has played a leading role with the issuance of a precautionary measure in favor of six … Read more

Panamanian Boxing Goes Through a Crisis of World Champions

panama boxing

In Panama, boxing is the sport that has given more glory to the country. In past ages this sport of flat noses and cauliflower ears gave the Panamanians many joys, but at the moment it is in a coma. It is surprising that Panama has not had a world champion for more than three years. … Read more