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  • Panama continues negotiation of FTA with China


    Panama's negotiating mission traveled to China this weekend to start the second round of talks in order to establish a bilateral free trade agreement (FTA), the Ministry of Commerce and Industries reported

2018/08/19 06:47:59
2018/08/16 14:21:22
  • CAF
  • CAF places "green bonds" for 30 million dollars


    The Latin American development bank (CAF) reported today that it made a second placement of the so-called "green bonds", for an amount of 30 million dollars, for a term of five years and a coupon of 3.38 percent

2018/08/15 20:11:32
  • Carlos Troetsch, Pdte. Asociación Bancaria de Panamá
  • Panama is ready for digital financial industry


    The Panamanian financial industry "does not fear" the entry of new digital and technological methods of doing business into the market, so it welcomes the modernization of the law of the sector, one of its main leaders told Efe today