$1,933.1 million in toll revenues of Canal of Panama in 2016

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  • Thu, 10/06/2016 - 14:18
More than 5% of the total revenue and tons came from the the expansion
  • More than 5% of the total revenue and tons came from the the expansion
  • EFE

PANAMA CITY.- The Panama Canal obtained $1,933.1 million in toll revenues during the2016 fiscal year, below the projected $2,010.7 million for the period, and will deliver to the Treasury a contribution of $1,005 million dollars, the waterway administration reported.

Including the passage of neopanamax ships by the new locks, the Canal recorded between October 2015 and September 30th, a total of 13,114 transits and 330.7 million CP-UMS tons (volume measurement of the Universal Systems Tonnage of the Canal of Panama), said the official information.

It added that more than 5% of the total revenue and tons came from the operation of the expansion of the canal with a cost of at least 5,450 million.

The Canal of Panama Administration (ACP, in Spanish) said last Wednesday that the entry into operations of the enlargement three months after the planned, negatively affected the objective of obtaining incomes of 2,010.7 million and 344.8 million tons in 2016 fiscal year.

Another factor that influenced the outcome of the 2016 fiscal year is the price of fuel, which has collapsed like the freight, which "has had some impact on ships transits" by the waterway.

The ACP said last Wednesday that the container segment remained like the one with the greatest impact on the finances of the way by providing $ 944 million of income from tolls and 119.6 million tons in fiscal 2016.

These figures include 91.4 million incomes from tolls and 13.4 million tons from the operation of the expanded Canal.

The second important segment is the one related to bulk carrier ships, which contributed with $326.6 million in tolls and 65.6 million tons; holder vehicles ($196.8 million in tolls and 46.7 million tons) and tankers ($254.7 million in tolls and 55 million tons).

The Liquefied Natural Gas ships segment contributed with $ 4.8 million in revenue and 1.5 million tons, said the ACP.

Preliminary figures released last Wednesday by the ACP realize that between June 26th and September 30th by the widening, 238 neopanamax ships of 18.2 million tonnes passed.


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