Business leaders claims to approve constitutional reforms

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  • Sun, 12/30/2018 - 19:37
usiness leaders clamor to approve constitutional reforms right away in Panama
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To approve proposed constitutional reforms, in the session that begins on January 2 and to choose the best candidates in the elections of May 2019 are the main requests of the Panamanian business leaders for next year.

The Chamber of Commerce, Industries, and Agriculture (CCIAP) said in its New Year’s Eve message that "the tensions between the State Bodies" experienced in the last months of this year are "a sign of the need for real separation and independence of these powers."

"The best example that such a scheme does not exist is that to this moment it has not been able to ratify the magistrates of the Supreme Court of Justice, a concurrent element in the crisis that affects the administration of justice in the country," he says.

The extraordinary sessions of the National Assembly, dominated by the opposition, ended last Friday, without even examining the candidates proposed by the Executive to replace two deputies.

The Chamber recognizes that the performance of the economy "evidences the slowdown that causes the imminent governmental change, and whose intensification is necessary to counteract with a vision based on the concrete possibilities of the country.”

"Our union reiterates the need to make profound changes in the Political Charter, especially in the field of the administration of justice," he adds.

For this reason, it urges the Legislative Organ "to welcome the initiative of the business sector in this regard during its last legislative period, so that something similar may be carried out by the National Assembly to be elect, in the first of its ordinary periods," which starts next July 1.

This procedure, abounds, contemplated in the Constitution of the Republic, "will be a transcendental step for Panama."

Panama has already successfully applied this reform mechanism between the governments of Mireya Moscoso (1999-2004) and Martin Torrijos (2004-2009).

"Thus, all actors in society must seek and promote an atmosphere of peace that allows us to reach the elections on May 5, choosing in a real election party the best men and women, worthy of imitating due to their ethical behavior, and their transparency and responsibility trajectory," he adds.

Such "model" men and women should foresee immediate action plans to guarantee a "prompt and effective dynamization of the productive sectors in the national scope."

"Any delay in that direction can cause unpredictable damage to the country," he warns.

Hopeful of positive changes in Panama for 2019, due to the change of government, the Chamber trusts that the government, the labor force, and private enterprise "can guarantee" the country a climate that allows full institutional recovery.

This, mentions, so that, in turn, "encourages the consolidation of participatory democracy and affirm the continuity of its economic growth, in the perspective of making it more and more equitable and fair."


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