Business Owners ask for more security for tourists in the Caribbean Province of Panama

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  • Sat, 12/15/2018 - 13:10
Business Owners ask for more security for tourists in the Caribbean Province of Panama
  • Zona Libre Colón

Business Owners in the Colon Free Trade Zone, the biggest in the continent and located in the Caribbean coast of Panama, demanded today more security for tourist who visit the area, after a German couple was mugged this week.

In a statement issued this Friday, the Colon Free Zone Users' Association (Asociación de Usuarios de la Zona Libre de Colón, AUZLC) made “a strong appeal to the National Police of Panama to effectively enforce their duty to safeguard the life of the population and of the tourists in the Colon Province.”

The “inactivity” of the authorities “increases criminality, affecting the economy and the image of the country”, added in their statement the Association, chaired by Daniel Rojas,.

The union referred to the mugging occurred this week to a German couple in the Coty of Colon, located in the homonymous province, one of the most deprived of the country, flogged by gangs and narcotrafic.

The Panamanian Government has implemented several security plans in their determination to transform the Province of Colon in an touristic and commercial trading center, since it is located in the Free Zone, and the ports there provide service not only for big ships who are passing through the canal, but for cruises.

“The criminal act against a tourist couple taken place in the City of Colon on Wednesday, December 12th, makes evident once again the need for more security to a province whose important contribution to the country’s economy is undeniable and still has a lot of more potential left”, said the Business Association.

The users of the CFZ also pleaded “to the Municipality of Colon and the tourism operators to play their part responsibly.”

“We consider that the weakness of the institutions of this country affect the competitiveness and tarnishes the image that with so much effort we have built,” it was added in the statement.


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