LATAM farmers use Artificial Intelligence to improve production

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  • Fri, 10/26/2018 - 18:54
 Agricultura Foro
  • Marketing and operations manager of the technology in Central America, Ineke Geesink
  • EFE

Latin American farmers now have access to a state-of-the-art tool to make the most of their work thanks to the artificial intelligence (AI) platform that the transnational Microsoft put at their disposal.

The marketing and operations manager of the technology in Central America, Ineke Geesink, told EFE that collaborates with the Inter-American Institute for Cooperation on Agriculture (IICA) for the "prevention of pests, through the incorporation of AI with sensors and 'chatbots', for different users of its services, among other tools".

"It really is an AI solution that will be able to help them in this stage of preventive treatment of pests," said the Costa Rican professional.

He explained that about three months ago "we started with Costa Rica and I understand that there are already countries in South America that are also using part of the chatbots service".

The plan is that IICA, based in Costa Rica, "starts implementing these instruments in the hemisphere in the coming months” and assured that “as they are in the cloud, innovations are always up to date".

Microsoft indicated it would remain with IICA "as an advisors, not only to provide technology but the accompaniment through our account executive Krushenka Reyes."

"In general, with AI, companies and citizens will be able to carry out their process of digital transformation and define the path they will start, according to what is a priority for them," he explained.

In the case of IICA, it seeks that "from the agribusiness, the entire sector, from the person who is planting, the agricultural firm, everyone who has some connection in the process begins their digital transformation, all with the objective of making it more efficient, to be able to empower and help the farmer".

"What better way than when a farmer knows how to prevent through (technological) solutions a coming plague, or something that can diminish his harvest" -he said- "we also have solutions related to the climate", he commented.

Geesink said, "In other countries such as Colombia and Mexico, this type of technology has also been implemented."

"Definitely the Latin American agricultural sector is a priority for us, and is one of the first sources of the economy, one of its strongest engines and that is why we are willing to help, in our case, work closely with these processes," he specified.

The executive said that the projections of international organizations indicate that by 2021 the gross domestic product (GDP) of the region will rest at 40 percent in the digital economy "and if in our countries the agricultural sector has a high weight, let's see that impact."

He commented that IICA has a lot of presence in Panama "so I think we could be seeing the implementation" of AI very soon.

IICA has access to "a set of technological solutions based on Microsoft AI that include sensors for detection of pests, 'chatbots' for communication with producers and data management for early warning systems and decision-making at the public policy level", he summarized.

Geesink participates in Panama in Microsoft’s "AI+tour", which concludes today, as part of a series of events that this company is carrying in the different countries of Latin America to show the transforming power of artificial intelligence.

According to a study presented yesterday in Panama, if Latin America steps on the accelerator in the adoption of digitalization, the region will register an annual growth of 4.3 percent in the next decade.

By Luis Miguel Blanco

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