Panama promotes new direct air route at Canton Travel Fair

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  • Sun, 03/04/2018 - 18:38
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Panama is exhibited at the International Canton Travel Fair as a “high quality” tourist destination to attract a greater number of Asian visitors, coinciding with the inauguration of a direct flight between the two countries in March this year.

With the purpose of seeking a constant flow of visits and consolidate the new direct air route, the Tourism Authority of Panama (ATP) has presented since last Thursday in the eastern city, part of its nature, culture, folklore, gastronomy, shopping and architectural attractions proposal, said the agency in a statement.

At the site, the ambassador of Panama in China, Francisco Escobar, said that Panamanian tourism products are being known and that the inauguration of the first flight of the Air China airline will enable multi-destination tourism.

The flights, which are expected to start operations in March, will connect twice a week the two capitals, Beijing and Panama, with stopover in Houston (southern US), and will last approximately 16:30 hours.

The Asian airline will use for this direct connection Boeing 777-300ER planes, capable of carrying up to 380 passengers.

The connection was announced last November during Panamanian President Juan Carlos Varela’s visit to China, when he signed with Chinese President Xi Jinping a total of 19 cooperation agreements, including a civil air transport agreement.

Panama decided on June 13 to break diplomatic relations with Taiwan and recognize the "one China" principle, thus becoming the second Central American country, after Costa Rica, to establish full relations with China.

At the fair the diplomat reiterated that Chinese citizens with valid visas from the United States, Australia and Canada can enter Panamanian territory.

"This measure is applied by other countries in the region for the opportunity to develop multi-destination packages with operating companies in the area," said the ambassador of Panama in China.

During the event in Canton, Panama was awarded as the "most popular destination", which was received by the Tourism Administrator of Panama, Gustavo Him, and the Ambassador of Panama in China.

"This is a demonstration of the Chinese market interest in knowing Panama, because the country has what they seek, folklore, history, nature, gastronomy, brand purchases and the Interoceanic Canal," said Him.

He highlighted that the government and private companies are preparing to receive the demand of travelers from this Asian region.

About 9 tour operators and hotels were presented at the tourist fair that this year hosted some 53 countries.

The goal of the Canton Fair, recognized as the main showcase for tourist and leisure products in Asia, is to provide up-to-date information to buyers and exhibitors from all over the world.


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