Panama will use mobile app to accelerate freight movement in Colón free zone

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  • Sun, 05/13/2018 - 19:00
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The Colón Free Zone, the main free port of America, will use a mobile app to speed up the freight movement, informed the director of Commercial Operations of that complex, Damaris Blanquicet.

A statement from the administration of the Colón Free Zone, on the shores of the Panamanian Caribbean Sea and next to the Panama Canal, states that the mobile app seeks to "improve the quality and efficiency of the service provided".

The Panamanian free port carries out import and re-export transactions annually for some 13,000 million dollars, according to official sources.

According to the official, the implementation of the new app - on unspecified date - in the commercial area will accelerate the movement of the containers and vans of the Free Zone by shortening the time within the area, allowing verification to be carried out at time of departure and in less than two hours.

The current duration time of the process is unspecified.

"With this new app the verifier will examine that all the documentation is complete (form number, form type, type of container, driver identification, transport company, pass number, date of entry and exit of the area, etc.) , and thus obtain the exit stamp," said Blanquicet.

According to the official, the app will help "avoid duplicity in documents, the transfer of the driver to the building (of the administration) to complete the information and the corresponding numbering in order to avoid falsification".

"By scanning the bar code, all the general information of the ship will be released instantly and there on the site, all the details provided will be corroborated," she added.

Every day –she said- the verifiers of the Colón Free Zone serve from 500 to 700 containers 24 hours a day; and with this new system the times of freight verification are reduced and it would suppose an increase in the productivity of the user companies.

In the Panamanian free port there are around 3,000 businesses engaged in re-export, mainly to the rest of Latin America and the Caribbean.


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