Panamanian businessmen bet on boosting the orange economy

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  • Mon, 12/10/2018 - 08:30
Panamanian businessmen bet on boosting the orange economy
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Panamanian businessmen announced today the boost to the orange economy and invited entrepreneurs to join this initiative to give the sector the place it deserves in the country, with support from the Inter-American Development Bank (IDB).

"The Panamanian Chamber of Commerce, Industries and Agriculture, aware of its mission to promote initiatives aimed at stimulating entrepreneurship as a factor of national development, has established the Creative Industries Commission, with the purpose of articulating consensus and strategies around the promotion of this sector in the country," the entity said in a statement.

The creative industries include economic activities that are at the crossroads of culture, art, technology and commerce.

For the IDB, "the creative economy includes the production of goods and services based on the talent of the people and the richness of their cultural heritage, whose value can be protected by intellectual property rights."

This initiative comes from the company member of the City of Knowledge Foundation Chamber, "understanding the development potential of these items in the national economy, as well as contributions in the creation of employment and export."

The business dome explained that the new commission will identify "business opportunities, training, I (Research) + D (Development) + I (Innovation) and professional alliances, while proposing improvements to the regulatory and strategic frameworks of the creative industries".

Also, it will promote an adequate governmental institutionalism to meet the needs of the sector, as well as the establishment of public-private partnerships that facilitate its expansion at the national level, "an aspect in which the IDB has supported".

"Through work sessions, the Commission will analyze the dimension and scope of the objectives that have been set, as well as the route to follow to achieve them in the most realistic time possible," he warns.

In recent years, he pointed out the "orange" economy has gained worldwide recognition as a relevant and competitive productive sector that, according to "recent studies" generates work for "30 million people around the world."

The Panamanian Chamber of Commerce, Industries and Agriculture invited all business entrepreneurs and entrepreneurs (in general) to develop in these creative areas, and join their membership; likewise, "to our current members to be part of this Commission, in order to position this economic sector in the place it is destined to occupy".


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