Regional trade body regrets political and social crisis in Central America

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  • Sat, 10/20/2018 - 19:03
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The Federation of the Chambers of Commerce of the Central American Isthmus (Fecamco) regretted on Friday the political, economic and social crisis in the region, which puts the Rule of Law "at risk of breakerage" and therefore called to a dialogue between actors to avoid greater convulsion.

The crisis situation "undermines the freedoms of people and democracy," which puts at risk "the peace and development of our
nations," the regional federation said in a statement that brings together the Chambers of Commerce of theCentral American countries.

Also, Fecamco expressed its regret at being led to "develop so many, different approaches, to these realities" that each country faces.

It also urged countries to "fight corruption directly, make efficient use of public spending, strengthen democratic institutions and consolidate a true Rule of Law."

The president of Fecamco and the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Tegucigalpa in Honduras, Guy de Pierrefeu, told Efe he was pleased that "for the first time" they could make a joint reference to "problems in each country" in the region, excluding Panama, "where we could not find a serious problem that was worth mentioning".

However, Fecamco notes with concern the "lack of dialogue" between the trade union sector and the Costa Rican authorities, who "should collaborate in the search for a solution to a fiscal problem that currently weakens Costa Rica greatly."

Regarding Nicaragua, it regretted the prevailing crisis, continuing to "violate constitutional rights with the consequent loss of human
lives", so they reiterated the call to "seek an immediate and peaceful solution" to the confrontation to "regain peace and economic stability that the people longs for ".

They assured that the lack of opportunities in Honduras due to "the socioeconomic situation" led "our brothers to seek a future beyond their borders" and asked the State of Honduras "to look for immediate measures to improve the lives of citizens".

Finally, the Federation highlighted that Guatemala and El Salvador "share the same structural realities" and urged the respective States to address them, although it pointed out that the lack of a Constitutional Chamber in the Salvadoran country "has put democratic stability at serious risk".

The conference, held in a luxury hotel in the south of Guatemala City, was attended by the representatives of each Chamber of Commerce, the Central American Economic Integration Secretariat, the Central American Integration System, some ambassadors and state officials, as well as businesspeople of the energy system.


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