They order to capture Leopoldo López, who is in the residence of the Spanish ambassador

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They order to capture Leopoldo López, who is in the residence of the Spanish ambassador
  • Leopoldo López

A Caracas court ordered on Thursday to capture Venezuelan opposition leader Leopoldo López, who is in the residence of Spanish ambassador Jesús Silva, after having cheated the house arrest on Tuesday.

While Lopez continues in the residence of the Spanish ambassador in Caracas, Jesús Silva Férnandez, from where he could communicate with his family in Spain and convey that he is well, as EFE could know this Thursday.

It was a short communication "via telephone," but enough to know that both he and his wife, Lilian Tintori, and their 15-month-old daughter are fine. Lopez and Tintori are in the residence of the Spanish ambassador as guests, explained today in Jordan the Spanish Minister of Foreign Affairs, Josep Borrell, who said that the opposition leader "is not asylee."

"According to Spanish legislation, asylum claims have to be produced in Spanish territory, therefore Mr. López is not as an asylee, he is simply as a guest of the embassy until they clarify what steps to take" , said the Spanish chancellor.

Borrell insisted that López "has not formulated a request for asylum, which in addition to formulate it would have to be carried out from Spanish territory."

The vice president of the Spanish Government, Carmen Calvo, also spoke about her situation today. She recalled that Lopez "first went to another embassy" in Caracas (Chile) and then decided to go to the Spanish one, although there was "no prior warning" and the Executive learned when the ambassador called Spain to communicate it.

López's parents, who usually live in Spain, have Spanish citizenship since 2015, as have their sister Cristina and her husband, Hernán Cifuentes, who obtained it in May 2016.

López had served a 14-year prison sentence since 2014, although since mid-2017 he was under house arrest in Caracas, where he was released on Tuesday by a group of soldiers with a "presidential pardon" by opposition leader Juan Guaidó, recognized interim president. of Venezuela by more than fifty countries, mainly American and European like Spain.

Guaidó asked the Venezuelan Armed Forces on Tuesday to turn their backs on the governor Nicolás Maduro, but only a small group of soldiers participated in the uprising, which failed after a few hours.

Leader of Voluntad Popular, Lopez surrendered to the Venezuelan authorities on February 18, 2014, after a court in Caracas ordered him arrested for instigating the violence as one of the summoners of a demonstration that ended with three dead and dozens injured six days before.

The sentence that condemned it was questioned by numerous international organizations and even the prosecutor who directed the accusation revealed, after fleeing Venezuela, the pressures and maneuvers of the Nicolás Maduro regime to guide the sentence.

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