Price control leads consumer complaints against Acodeco

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  • Vie, 03/05/2019 - 12:14
Price control leads consumer complaints against Acodeco

The control of prices of the 22 products of the basic food basket and the law of retired people, pensioners and the elderly, are the reports that head the statistics in the Consumer Protection and Defense of Competition Authority (Acodeco).

From January to May 2 of this year, 2,002 complaints from consumers affected by irregularities in the stores have been reported throughout the country.

Approximately 500 complaints are received monthly. Among the main causes are the lack of sight prices, untruthful or deceptive advertising, higher prices than those controlled by the national government (22 products), no expiration date, expired products, failure to comply with 25% of retiree discounts, pensioners and senior citizens in restaurants.

Complaints are added to the collection of a price different from the one reported, proof of payment, lack of information, deteriorated products or in poor condition for sale, advertising does not indicate restrictions, tied or conditioned sales, irregularities in scales, improper use of gas liquefied of 25 pounds in commercial premises, dispensers of descalibrados petrol stations, among others.

The administrator of the Acodeco, Oscar García Cardoze, stressed that the complaints filed by consumers are a priority in the audit work carried out daily by this government entity throughout the country.

It should be noted that from January to May 2, 2019, 163 fines of first instance were imposed on different economic agents that were the subject of complaints by consumers who detected a breach of the established rules.

The Acodeco has made available the free line of attention to the consumer 130, the APP Acodeco, the social networks of Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and the "Contact Center". Likewise, the complaints that are presented through the Citizen Attention Center 311, are of priority attention.

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