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  • 2019/01/18 21:32:10

    Events of the week

    Events of the week 18 enero

    Alvaro Goncalves

    This Saturday, January 19 will be the closing concert of the Jazz Festival, with free entrance to the Cuadrángulo Central de Ciudad del Saber from 3 pm, with the presence of great musicians of this splendid gender

  • 2019/01/18 19:42:42

    Cartoons of the week


    Alvaro Goncalves

    A few days before the World Youth Day to be held in Panama, the cartoons of the different artists and local media have echoed the activities of the government and the opinion of the people in relation to the event. Also the Pandeportes corruption plot takes its importance this week, as well as the attack on the cadet school in Bogotá

  • 2019/01/18 19:32:48

    Pope will speak to young people in Panama in times when the Central American migration crisis gets worse



    Panama began receiving thousands of pilgrims who will hear next week the message of Francis during the World Youth Day, an event that will take place in a Central American region convulsed by the phenomenon of caravans of migrants to the United States

  • 2019/01/18 16:01:52

    Donald Trump promises significant progress in a missile system


    Alvaro Goncalves

    US President Donald Trump promised to take the country's missile system "to a new era" in the growing threats from "potential adversaries," such as North Korea and Iran, who have substantially expanded their capabilities

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  • Camilo Amado
  • Camilo Amado denounces Pandeportes and calls for elections in May

    Alvaro Goncalves

    La Prensa's newspaper journalist, Mary Triny Zea, shared new information about the Pandeportes network of corruption, with new evidence of the Panamanian Basketball Federation (Fepaba), that presumably received supplies and resources that never arrived, or at least not all of them

2019/01/16 21:31:18
2019/01/16 21:15:56
  • Social networks explode with Pandeportes scandal
  • Social media explode with the Pandeportes scandal


    The Pandeportes scandal is exploding in social networks, after the investigations revealed in the newspaper La Prensa, every day more names appear involved and with information that slowly comes to light before the complaints of each coach, sportsman and Panamanian politicians, as is the case of Guillermo Cochez, who through his twitter account denounced a new name to add to the list of this scandal

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  • Union Europea _ Panama
  • EU First Ambassador presents his credentials in Panama


    The first Ambassador of the European Union (EU) in Panama, Chris Leo Clark Hoornaert, presented today copies of his credentials to the Panamanian Vice Chancellor, Luis Miguel Hincapie, with this, the regional bloc raises its representation level in the country, said an official source today

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2019/01/16 11:27:20
  • Constituting AN efective transitional goberment in Venezuela


    Under the mandate of Articles 233, 333, and 350 of the Venezuelan constitution, Congressman Juan Guaido is the Transitory President of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela with all due legality and legitimacy, but without an effective control of the Executive Branch