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  • SpaceX company
  • SpaceX in its great challenge to take astronauts to space


    A few meters from the capsule with which astronaut Victor Glover will travel for the first time to space, with the honesty and innocence of a rookie, he summed up the excitement that is felt in the Headquarters of SpaceX: "All that noise in the background, that's amazing things happening"

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  • Genova
  • Collapse of bridge in Italy leaves dead and wounded


    More than a dozen people have died and several have been injured after a section of the Morandi bridge has collapsed in the Italian city of Genoa. The collapse occurred around 12 noon on Tuesday on the A10 motorway

2018/08/14 21:54:19
  • Trump
  • New defense bill includes fighting corruption in Central America


    A new defense spending authorization bill signed by President Donald  Trump includes a provision that requires publishing a list of corrupt people in Guatemala, Honduras and El Salvador, its promoters, Democratic legislators Norma Torres and Ben Cardin, celebrated today

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