• 2018/09/20 15:08:37

    Women kills 3, self, wounds 3 others in Maryland shooting



     A woman used a handgun to kill three people and wound another three before committing suicide on Thursday at a pharmacy distribution facility in Aberdeen, Maryland, the Harford County Sheriff's Department said

  • 2018/09/19 22:51:15

    External pressure, protests and army will "restore" democracy in Venezuela

    David Smolansky


    Former Venezuelan Mayor David Smolansky, who leads a working group in the Organization of American States (OAS), believes that "the restoration of democracy" in Venezuela requires international pressure, demonstrations and armed forces that support legality

  • 2018/09/19 19:57:17

    US demands N. Korea denuclearize by January 2021

    Usa Corea


    Secretary of State Mike Pompeo on Wednesday set a deadline by which North Korea must denuclearize, saying that the process must be completed by January 2021, when President Donald Trump's current term would end

  • 2018/09/18 22:54:21

    Experts warn "point of no return" in 2020 to curb climate change



    The year 2020 will be a "point of no return" for climate change because if severe actions are not taken before that date, the consequences will be irreversible, experts said today during the opening of the Third National Meeting "Mexico before Climate Change"

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  • Michael Bloomberg
  • Bloomberg would be Trump's Democratic rival in 2020


    Businessman Michael Bloomberg, former Republican and independent mayor of New York, would be an electoral rival for the current president of the United States, Donald Trump, for the Democratic Party, as published today by The New York Times