• 2018/11/17 10:29:14

    CIA says Saudi prince ordered killing

    Hombres sostienen una imagen del periodista opositor saudí Jamal Khashoggi mientras rezan en la mezquita Fatih, en Estambul (Turquía)


    The Central Intelligence Agency has concluded that the killing of Saudi journalist Jamal Khashoggi was carried out under the orders of Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman, a close ally of President Trump, United States officials familiar with the matter said, according to a report from the Dow Jones Newswires made available to EFE Saturday

  • 2018/11/16 23:06:57

    The Ibero-American Summit began with the Central American migration in the agenda

    Ibero-American Summit


    As every two years, the Ibero-American summit received the leaders of 22 nations of the region for their usual “at bat”, posture fixing and plan and project exposure in order to improve each of the details that ail the area, for which the migrant caravan was not far from the important topics to be discussed by each of those present

  • 2018/11/16 09:12:06

    You are fired, the "Trumped" era



    "He no longer deserves the honor of serving in this White House", that was the argument to dismiss Mira Ricardel, vice security adviser of the White House who after an alleged discussion with Melania Trump for a trip to Africa, was left out of the payroll of the house of government of the United States and joins the list of labor controversies and dismissals under the Trump mandate

  • 2018/11/15 21:13:43

    Key issues will be addressed at the 17th Ibero-American Summit in Guatemala

    Key issues will be addressed at the 17th Ibero-American Summit in Guatemala

    Claudia Pita

    The Ibero-American Summit will bring together 22 Heads of State of America and Europe in Antigua, Guatemala on November 15 and 16. The foreign ministers of the respective nations today agreed on the documents to be signed tomorrow by the heads of state and government of the Ibero-American bloc

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  • UE y Reino Unido
  • EU and UK reach preliminary agreement

    Alvaro Goncalves

    In search of reaching an agreement between the United Kingdom (UK) and the European Union (EU) regarding the Brexit, the British Prime Minister, Theresa May, held a meeting with the leaders of the Conservative Party and British ministers, seeking to present the case in detail and answer every doubt before the possibility of being in front of a situation that finally, will tend a bridge between both blocks

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  • Bolivia presos politicos
  • The most recent political prisioner in Bolivia is a 26 year-old construction worker


    By Carlos Sánchez Berzaín. Anyone who insists to continue believing the farce that Evo Morales’ regime is an imperfect democracy, attempts to distance it from the undisguisable dictatorships from Cuba, Venezuela, and Nicaragua, now with the increase of political prisoners in Bolivia, has one additional proof of the dictatorial nature of this regime.  An ordinary citizen who shouted “Bolivia said NO” to Evo Morales in the city of Potosi is now under arrest and is being prosecuted by the Castroist Chavist system

2018/11/14 15:24:17
  • Juicio Chapo Guzman
  • Chapo Guzmán faces trial with possible life imprisonment

    Alvaro Goncalves

    Last Tuesday in New York, United States, the trial against Joaquín "El Chapo" Guzmán, accused of drug trafficking and other crimes derived from the former and for which he was arrested and extradited to the US in January 2016, also put in conditions of maximum security after eloping several times in Mexico. With nuances quite contrasted in his case, the Prosecutor's Office says it will show that the defendant distributed tons of drugs in the United States, while the defense of the case accuses Enrique Peña Nieto and Felipe Calderón, current and former presidents of Mexico respectively, of receiveing millions of dollars from drug trafficker Ismael "el Mayo" Zambada García, leader of the Sinaloa cartel

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  • The catastrophic consequences of wildfires in California Fire
  • The catastrophic consequences of wildfires in California Fire

    Alvaro Goncalves

    The wildfires in California continue their passage and destruction as the hours pass and not only cause material havoc to the naked eye, but now has raised an alert due to possible health problems caused by the large dust cloud generated after the fact, which can currently move up to 3,000 miles away with respect to the origin of the fire

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  • Celebrity victims of Malibu fires
  • Celebrity victims of Malibu fires

    Claudia Pita

    The largest forest fire in the history of the United States, in the area of ​​California carries a tragic balance of both dead and missing