Almagro urges the international community to prevent Venezuela from "being Rwanda"

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  • Mon, 09/17/2018 - 19:23
Luis Almagro
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The Secretary General of the Organization of American States (OAS), Luis Almagro, urged the international community today to prevent Venezuela from becoming Rwanda, where between 800,000 and one million people were murdered in 1994 while the world seemed oblivious to barbarism.

"In fact, the responsibility to protect is to prevent it from happening. We must not wait for Venezuela to be Rwanda, we must avoid it being Rwanda, and there are millions of people killed, tortured, displaced in Venezuela. The responsibility to protect does not mean counting dead," said Almagro on Twitter.

Almagro released these statements after posting a video on Sunday in which he claimed that his words about a military intervention in Venezuela had been misinterpreted.

On Friday, in Colombia, the head of the OAS said that a military intervention against the government of President Nicolás Maduro could not be ruled out in order to end the suffering of the people of Venezuela.

"As for military intervention to overthrow the regime of Nicolás Maduro, I think we should not rule out any option," said Almagro.

In his video, posted on Twitter, Almagro said his statements were misinterpreted.

"I said very clearly that we must always exhaust the path of diplomatic actions and that we should leave all options open. No option should be ruled out," he explained in the recording.

"Hence," he added, "some Manicheist interpretations sought to change the axis of the discussion; the development was that we were talking about a military attack of violence, that we were favorable to armed aggression. It's untrue.

Faced with this, Almagro stated that his objective is "to stop the violence, stop the aggression and repression" within the framework of the system of inter-American law and public international law.

The Venezuelan government has indicated that it will denounce Almagro to the UN for "promoting a military intervention" in the country and "attacking Peace in Latin America and the Caribbean," Venezuelan vice president Delcy Rodríguez wrote on Twitter two days ago.


Source: EFE

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