Bolsonaro elected in Brazil between polemics, support and detractors

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Jair Bolsonaro was elected as the new President of Brazil in the last elections held in the South American country, taking over from the internship assumed by Temer before the dismissal of former President Dilma Rouseff after accusations of corruption against her. The final numbers of the electoral fair yielded 55% in favor of the right-wing deputy, while 44% went to the polls in favor of Fernando Haddad, candidate of the Workers' Party (PT).

With a speech of recovery for Brazil, Bolsonaro assured that he seeks to recover the good international position that corresponds to his country, as well as to strengthen the trade of his country as long as the interests and businesses of Brazilian entrepreneurs and industries are respected.

Object of an attack in the middle of the campaign, has collected great detractors throughout the South American region, such as the president of Venezuela, Nicolás Maduro, and also the Bolivian president Evo Morales, both of socialist tendency and very close to the policy of Rouseff, whom they dismissed arbitrarily and illegally according to their positions expressed from that moment.

As for the support, there have been many demonstrations that Bolsonaro has had, beginning with the government of Panama, which sent a congratulatory message to the president through the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, as well as having stressed its interest in "forging a close alliance, allowing strengthen and expand the bilateral agenda, cooperation and investments for the benefit of both peoples. "

Donald Trump, president of the United States, said he is committed to work and military and commercial relations hand in hand with Bolsonaro, all after an "excellent conversation."
Juan Orlaqndo Hernández, president of Honduras, took the opportunity to also congratulate him via twitter, writing that "On behalf of the Honduran people, I congratulate the elected president of Brazil @jairbolsonaro for his overwhelming electoral victory in the great civic and democratic party that he lived today. the Brazilian people, our best wishes. "

From Guatemala, a statement was also issued by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, which read "The Government of Guatemala respectful of democracy and the rule of law salutes the political parties that participated in this election and congratulates the Lord Jair Bolsonaro for the victory in the second round of the elections for president of the Federative Republic of Brazil ".

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