Bush Sr. rests with his family after an intimate farewell in Texas

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  • Thu, 12/06/2018 - 18:05
Bush Sr. rests with his family after an intimate farewell in Texas
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By José Miguel Pascual Labrador

Former President George WH Bush (1989-1993) today received his last farewell at an intimate ceremony at St. Martin's Episcopal Church in Houston (Texas), attended by his family and his closest people to farewell "a decent, noble and human man".

After the ceremony, the remains of the former president were transferred to his final resting place on board a train whose locomotive was named "Bush4141", specifically designed to honor his life.

The route of this train allowed hundreds of Texans to also farewell the former president, with their hand in their heart, to the town of College Station (Texas), 160 kilometers from Houston, where he was buried in the presidential library with his wife, Barbara, and her daughter Robin, who died with only 3 years of age of leukemia.

Former first lady Barbara Bush, "the love of his life", died last April; a loss that together with the advance of Parkinson's disease worsened her health in recent months.

During the mass, one of his grandchildren, George P. Bush, current Texas Land Commissioner, offered an emotional speech in which he told an anecdote about his grandfather in the late 80's.

"My grandfather was always at the side of his family; when he was in the middle of the race for president, he wrote us a letter in which, through a story, he explained his project to improve the future of the next generations of the country. It was always his goal," said the young politician.

The pastor of the St. Martin Episcopal Church, Russell Levenson, who used to attend the Bush, could not hold his tears when remembering the marriage and affirming that "the world remains an orphan without them".

The former Secretary of State during his tenure, Republican James Baker, praised his former boss as "one of the best presidents", whose motivation was always to "do the best" for everyone.

"In a noble way he tried to get the best for this country, he always valued all the possible options and chose wisely," said Baker in his farewell message.

Meanwhile, the eldest son of the Bush clan, also former President George W. Bush (2001-2009), who during the previous day at the state funeral held in the capital of the country, Washington DC, defined his father as a man of "optimistic character" was the first to escort the coffin at the end of the offering.

George and Barbara, along with their first child, moved to Texas after he graduated from Yale University (Connecticut), since his father's contacts allowed him to enter the oil business.

Since then they have forged a common history in the state of the lonely star, which was consolidated when his son George W. Bush was governor of Texas between 1995 and the end of 2000, before becoming the 43rd president of the United States.

The patriarch of the Bush family, who served as a war pilot during World War II, began his political career as a congressman in Texas, then as ambassador to the UN, director of the CIA and vice president with Ronald Reagan between 1981 and 1989.

In the following presidential elections, he reached the White House from where he led the end of the Cold War, the Gulf War (1990-1991) and the invasion of Panama (1989).


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