California Bar shooting attack has 13 dead

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  • Thu, 11/08/2018 - 12:40
California Bar shooting attack
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A youth party held in Thousand Oaks, California, ended in a fatal outcome so far, thirteen dead in the Bordeline bar, a specific place where young people between 19 and 26 met late on Wednesday and were surprised with a shooting inside the bar.

The California Highway Patrol, which was also in the list of killed victims was Ron Helus, second on board the city Sheriff, Geoff Dean, responsible for giving the terrible news about his partner who died early this Thursday morning as a result of the bullet impacts received when entering Bordeline as first reponder to help the people inside.

Ian Long is the name of the alleged perpetrator, who also lost his life during the event. 29 years old, Long carried out the attack without any word, which led to different witnesses and informants began to spread the word through social media and rushed the presence of different security forces, including the firefighters and the FBI.

Donald Trump was manifested to highlight the great bravery of the Californian security body, which only in three minutes appeared on the scene, lost one of his colleagues and never retired.

Assuring that he was always aware of what happened, the president ordered "As a sign of solemn respect to the victims of the terrible act of violence perpetrated in Thousand Oaks (California), on November 7, 2018 (...), I order that the US flags fly at half mast in the White House and in public buildings ", in an official proclamation that reviewed EFE, a measure that will be taken until the sun goes down.

The author of the attack, has not been linked to any terrorist cell or any other, however it is known that he was dressed in black with a hat and beard. At the time of entering the police, Ian Long was already dead and it is unknown if he fell down in the exchange of shots inside the premises or if he took his own life.


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