Carlos Alvarado is the new president of Costa Rica

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  • Mon, 04/02/2018 - 08:25
Carlos Alvarado
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The Supreme Electoral Court of Costa Rica announced the first results of the presidential elections of the Central American Country that showed an advantage for the government candidate, Carlos Alvarado. With 95.58% of the votes processed, the candidate of the Acción Ciudadana Party (PAC) surpassed with 60.74% the evangelical pastor Fabricio Alvarado of the Restauración Nacional party who gained a percentage of 39.26% of the voters’ preference.

The Costa Rican Electoral Branch reported that the abstention was 33.01%. 2,133,539 valid votes were registered after the first announcement of the results.

"I received the fraternal call from Don Frabricio Alvarado and his congratulations. As the first servant of this country my duty will be to unite this Republic, unite it to take it forward and make it the leading Republic in the 21st century. We have seen a diverse country, with several points of view, with inequalities, that needs to work to take greater opportunity to the rest of the country," said Carlos Alvarado during his speech addressed to thousands of followers in the city of San José.

"We are not sad because we made history. Because our message touched the deepest fibers of society in this country. Our message really won the elections. I congratulate Don Carlos Alvarado. I called him immediately after the announcement of the results. I told him he can count on us to solve the things that are stalled in this country," said Fabricio Alvarado in a speech acknowledging the victory of candidate Carlos Alvarado.

The new President of Costa Rica will take office from next May 8. The presidential term will be from 2018 to 2022.

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