Cohen said Trump asked him to lie before Congress

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The Russian story in the United States has taken on a new tone when it was announced on Friday that Donald Trump instructed his former personal lawyer, Michael Cohen, to lie to Congress about the project of the president to place a Trump Tower in Moscow, the news website BuzzFeed reported, a revelation that alarmed several Democratic lawmakers.

Cohen was sentenced last December to three years in prison for a series of charges that include matters related to the investigation into the Russian plot led by Special Prosecutor Robert Mueller, such as lying to Congress about the Trump Tower project in Moscow.

According to two US officials "implicated in an investigation" related to Cohen and who spoke with BuzzFeed, the former Trump lawyer has told Mueller's team that, after the 2016 elections, the now-president asked him to lie and said that negotiations with Russia had ended months earlier.

However, the reality seems to be that at that time, Cohen was in charge of the real estate project and that he constantly informed Trump and his sons Ivanka and Donald Jr. about the details of the project, according to the report. This responsibility fell into the hands of the former lawyer after several meetings between the US president and Vladimir Putin, president of Russia.

Mueller's team concluded that Trump had instructed Cohen to lie to Congress after interviewing witnesses of the Trump Organization and review emails and other documents of the company, and that was when the former lawyer acknowledged that the now president had asked not say the truth, adds BuzzFeed.

Cohen plans to testify next February 7 before the Oversight Committee of the US House of Representatives regarding the Russian plot. The information generated angry reactions between the Democratic opposition and the chairman of the Intelligence Committee of the lower house, the progressive Adam Schiff, who said he would investigate the issue.

"The accusation that the US president could have forced perjury before our committee in order to curtail the investigation and cover up his business with Russia is one of the most serious that has been done so far", Schiff said in his Twitter account.

Democratic Congressman Joaquín Castro, who is also on the Intelligence Committee, went further and stated in a tweet that "if the BuzzFeed article is true, President Trump must resign or be subjected to impeachment".


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