Controversy in Panama for possible political asylum to Nicolás Maduro

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  • Thu, 10/27/2016 - 13:20
Controversy in Panama for possible political asylum to Nicolás Maduro
  • Controversy in Panama for possible political asylum to Nicolás Maduro
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PANAMA CITY.- The rumor spreaded in an opinion article on the probability that the president of Venezuela Nicolás Maduro is negotiating with the government of Juan Carlos Varela to adopt the isthmus as his second home, unfolded an intense debate in mass media and social networks

Everything began as an open secret. Then, this Wednesday, the article "Tal Cual" of the diary La Prensa written by Rodrigo Noriega indicated: "HERE COMES THE WOLF”. Yesterday, in the morning, it was spreaded a rumor on the possibility that Nicolás Maduro would take refuge in Panama. The improbable decision of the Venezuelan agent chief executive would make him member of the select club of former chiefs of State that had adopted Panama as their second home.

Let's resemble Perón, the Sha of Iran, Serrano Elías, Cedrás and Bucaram. To this list it is also added the former chief of intelligence of Peru Vladimiro Montesinos and his colleague of Colombia, Maria del Pilar Hurtado. "Do not be surprised if we find don Nicolás driving a bus one of these days".

In the exchange of opinions given by the digital version of this diary, some readers answered in a radical way with comments as these: "Imagine the disorder that would be that Masburro was taking refuge in Panama, streets closed by thousands of Venezuelans opposite to this asylum, imagine this dantesque picture, Panazuela paralyzed by the thousands of anti chavistas that we have here (Álter ego)". Another one of the out-standing positions indicates: "In Panama we are capable of sheltering him... but he will not come as a bus driver. He will come to spend money and to showcase his millions. Something like Bucaram … (Irreverent)".

And certainly, the incredulous is never absent: "The Colombian wolf Comes, I doubt that he asks for asylum in Panama, since here we have thousands of Venezuelans sheltered, the sure thing is he will go away to the side of Raúl Castro to Cuba (Don Joaquín)".

A more formal position

Guillermo Cochez, Former OAS ambassador and the one who was the first in denouncing publicly Nicolás Maduro's double nationality issue, declared across his Twitter account and said that he would support the government of Panama "if with that it, reaches the peace and democracy in Venezuela"; he added besides the fact that really it would not be the first time that the isthmus helps in governability conflicts.

Another statement was the one of the PRD leader and former president of the Republic Ernesto Perez Balladares, who indicated early in the morning in Álvaro Alvarado's tv show on Telemetro that seemed to him to be "very suspicious" the silence of the government of Panama opposite to the topic of Venezuela. It qualified like very difficult and monstrous the division situation in that country and he was emphatic about to the possibility that Nicolás Maduro´s  takes refuge in the isthmus: "I gave asylum to some Haitian dictators, for example, in return for the fact that there was a political solution in this country. But I do not know if Maduro has asked first for political asylum, if he is ready to go away and this it is a process that democratically is going to choose a new government that it should be accepted on all the parts.

"I think that we have that as government, as State, to propitiate a dialogue across the international institutions that exist as the OAS and to look for an advent so that it could help in the measure that they should want that we help in this problem".

The rumor that unfolded this controversy might have its origin in the fact that the agents chief executive Juan Carlos Varela and Nicolás Maduro achieved a good relationship during the time they were chancellors of their countries. As the Panamanians affirm "for the tropical sidewalk" where it comes the silence that has supported the current administration concerning the Venezuelan crisis, including the topic of the millionaire debt that Venezuela  still have  with the Duty Free Zone of Colon. Let's wait and see, the blind man said. 

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