"Crossing" caravan into the US will be "humanitarian" and "organized", according to authorities

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  • Sat, 10/27/2018 - 21:16
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The caravan of thousands of immigrants from Honduras who is approaching the US border will have a humanitarian response and the "crossing" will be done in an "orderly" manner, US authorities said on a visit to the border between Calexico (California) and Mexico. 

The Secretary of Homeland Security, Kirstjen Nielsen, who visited the border today to present the newly reinforced 9,14-meter-high border wall, noted that all government agencies are working to ensure that "all options are on the table" to curb the illicit flow of immigrants that approaches the border with Mexico.

"We are looking at any possible way within the legal framework (...) to make sure prevent those who lack a legal right to come to this country from entering, or to arrest them immediately and then deport them," Nielsen said.

Meanwhile, the head of the Border Patrol Center, Gloria Chávez, stressed: "here (on the US border) we will have a humanitarian crossing, but orderly, because that is what we do. We do it as it has to be done".

"I saw the images of the crossing from Guatemala to Mexico. I want to clarify that this is not going to happen here," Chávez stressed.

The Border Patrol official added that the agents will react in accordance with what happens, so she recommends to the members of the caravan to "avoid crossing as they did on the border of Mexico."

Nielsen today presented the first completed stretch of two miles with a new wall - more than double the height of the previous one - which replaces the mesh installed in the 90s.

That one had been constructed with elements of airstrips used in the war of Vietnam.

"The walls work, that's not my opinion, it's not a motto, it's not a political message, it's a fact," Nielsen said in a press conference, referring to the sectors of El Paso (Texas), Yuma (Arizona) and San Diego (California), where the number of apprehensions has dropped recently.

Nielsen took the opportunity to remember the installation next year of 17.7 more kilometers of the now "highest fence of the southwest border", on the other side of the Calexico international booth.

In parallel, 22.5 kilometers of mesh are currently being replaced in the busy area between Tijuana (Mexico) and San Diego.

At the press conference Nielsen was questioned that, more than a "wall", as President Donald Trump has called it, what is seen today is a "wall", but the official agreed with the speech of the US president.

"For me, this looks like a wall," she said.

"I think the difference is that not only can you see from one place to another, but it's part of a system," Nielsen added, referring to the security and technology strategy used.

During the ceremony, a commemorative plaque was placed on a section of the fence, which highlights first the name of President Donald Trump, the name of Nielsen and the head of the sector The Border Patrol Center, Gloria Chávez, among others.

Although the financing of this $ 18 million project was approved by the previous Administration, the design and execution were carried out by the current one, a spokesperson for the Border Patrol told Efe.

While awaiting the possible arrival of a caravan of Central American immigrants seeking political asylum to the US government, Nielsen reiterated that Congress must reform the current process to "protect those in need and ensure that no one will take our humanitarian benefits fraudulently".

The head of the sector, Chávez, said that they have been monitoring the caravan of Central Americans for weeks, so they are close to specifying a plan to act in accordance with the situation.

Both Chávez and the secretary of National Security defended the construction of the "wall" as a strategy to deter the irregular crossing of undocumented persons.

Source - EFE

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