Democratic, Republican governors join forces against gov't shutdown

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  • Tue, 01/08/2019 - 16:36
Democratic, Republican governors join forces against gov't shutdown
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The National Governors Association, which represents all the nation's governors, both Republicans and Democrats, has asked President Donald Trump and congressional leaders to "immediately" end the partial government shutdown and resolve their differences.

In a letter dated Monday and published on Tuesday, the governors cite the negative effects of the partial shutdown both on federal employees - mentioning the roughly 800,000 of whom have been idled and are receiving no paychecks - and on the country's economy.

They also reproach the president and lawmakers for the use of this measure as a means to gain legitimacy amid political disagreements.

"It is imperative that you reopen the government now and, then, reach across the aisle to find a solution that will end the current impasse," said the governors, signed by organization chair and vice chair, Govs. Steve Bullock (D-Mont.) and Larry Hogan (R-Md.), respectively, for the group, representing the 55 governors of all US states and territories.

"Governors stand united in telling the federal government to open the doors of currently shuttered agencies while you find a long-term, bipartisan compromise on the issues that currently divide Washington," the letter stated.

According to the governors, the partial government shutdown affects nine federal departments and dozens of smaller agencies with which the administrations of the states must cooperate on a daily basis.

The message was published on the same day that Trump will address the nation in a televised prime-time speech to discuss the situation on the US border and the government shutdown, an address that will be replied to afterwards in a TV rebuttal by Democratic congressional leaders Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer.


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