Donald Trump does not forget the wall while being investigated by the "Russian plot"

Donald Trump does not forget the wall while being investigated by the "Russian plot"
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The fight between Donald Trump and the Democratic Party still stands in the United States, so before a new call to open the administration, the president refused it once again and maintained his position on the construction of a border wall. If it is not fulfilled, the shutdown will continue as the previous 24 days.

The American Farm Bureau in New Orleans witnessed a Trump speech in which he once indicated that not even with all the United States technology, they will achieve the same effects with the wall. The same problem that caused the shutdown and keeps the farmer block in check and very affected, something that disfavors the electoral intention of the president.

Chuck Schumer used his Twitter account just to indicate how affected the farmers are, as well as the airport and transport workers, the latter presenting a large number of absences that exceed twice the percentage rate of this date in 2018, that will be maintained while there is no clarity regarding the payment.

Given this situation, Lindsey Graham called Trump to reopen the administration while resuming the negotiation, trying to avoid what is happening with many public workers looking for new jobs to arrive at the end of the month with some comfort or at least, a little money. However, the president remains adamant in his position to find a solution and not give it more time.

This has been the longest closure in the United States history and along these lines, the consequences are incalculable, so the concern abounds and has generated a lot of proposals from the Senate, with more modern and economic options in security, to avoid building a wall.

Right in the middle of this problem, the news of an FBI investigation has emerged to determine if Donald Trump has worked with Russia at some point, all linked to the case of the "Russian plot" that has been taking place lately in which all the accusations of the president who was his opponent in 2016, Hilary Clinton, apparently do exist but the author is the former magnate himself.

before the accusations, Trump has denied categorically that it has worked with Russia and much less in a crime as serious as the one that he is accused of, which could be cataloged like treason to its country and espionage.

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